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The Tribloos 2 Review

Tribloos 2 is a sequel to the popular PC time management strategy game The Tribloos. The Bumpkin Brothers have taken the original game’s formula, tweaked it, and made it available for mobile devices. How well has this PC style of gameplay translate over to mobile devices?  

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Tribloos Island has recently been getting hit hard by some terrible storms. Their dragon friend Matilda is sick of blowing the storms away, so Trey, Brainy, and Tuff have decided they need to figure out where these storms are coming from and what has been causing them. You must build up your village, craft an air ship, and travel to many exotic new locations in order to to figure out what is causing all this trouble on Tribloos Island.

The story is told through cutscenes that introduce each level. These cutscenes consist of the various Tribloos conversing with one another. These conversations provide you with hints on what to expect in the level, but it also does a lot to to progress the story along too. Everything in the game is very well written, and the cutscenes do a great job of keeping the player engaged in the storyline.

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In Tribloos 2 you command groups of furry little creatures called tribloos. These little guys are great at building structures and gathering and delivering supplies – which is fantastic, as that is the core element of the gameplay here. You will have to manage your time and think strategically in order to complete each of the game’s 75 levels in the most efficient way possible.

One of the main elements of Tribloos 2 is the gathering of materials in order to build various types of structures. You will build lumbermills to produce lumber, houses that give you more tribloos to control, a tool shed that makes tools, and many many more. Each building has different requirements that have to be met in in order for you to build it, such as a needing a certain number of lumber or stone. Some structures have simple requirements, such as the tool shed that just needs 10 pieces of wood, while others will require you to build multiple different structures just to be able to obtain a certain material or build a certain structure.

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Where players may run into trouble is if they poorly plan the order in which they build their structures. It is possible to get stuck in a level if you make a poorly planned building decision early on. It is best to take a few seconds before each stage to understand the level’s layout and plan out your moves before the game gets started. This isn’t something that will happen often, as the game’s tutorial does a great job of explaining the game’s key strategies, and each stage also starts off with a small cutscene that will provide you with a few pointers on what you should expect in that stage. These are very useful, and help to eliminate any possible confusion that could have arisen without these being implemented.

In Tribloos 2 you aren’t given free reign to build whatever structure you want to build in each stage. Rather you are provided with foundations of the buildings that are actually necessary to meet that stage’s objectives. While this does simplify the gameplay, it also adds a bit of a puzzle element to the game as well.  You know that everything is in the stage for a reason, and you have to decide the best plan of attack to get everything done as efficiently as possible.

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Aside from building structures you will also have to focus on how to best manage your time. You will have to decide what is the smartest way to assign your tribloos movements so you can finish the stage in the most efficient way possible. Is it best to send all your tribloos to one structure in order to complete it more quickly, or does it make more sense to split them up and get several projects going at the same time? Should I send my tribloos to the lumbermill to get more wood, or should I send them to the tool shed to create more tools? How you manage your tribloos will determine how quickly you finish each stage, which in turn determines how high of a score you will receive too.

Though you will want to finish a level as quickly as possible there isn’t an actual time limit to any stage in Tribloos 2. You can feel free to take as much time as you want on each stage, and not feel like you’re doing a bad job. There is a ‘Bonus’ meter though, which slowly counts down as soon as you direct your tribloos to their first task. Finishing a level while the meter is still in the green you will net you a nice score boost, and that score which will in turn provide you with a rating out of three stars. Achieving star ratings aren’t essential for progression in the game, but rather just as an optional objectives for those that truly want to master the game.

Tribloos 2 is a game that is unlike anything else I have played before. It does borrow elements from other genres, (such as strategy and puzzle games), but the developers managed to create something totally unique. The mechanics are easy to learn thanks to a stellar tutorial and the helpful cutscenes that precede each and every stage. Players shouldn’t have much of a problem learning just how this game works, but there’s also enough of a challenge to keep the more hardcore gamer entertained as well. The Bumpkin Brothers have put together one of the most enjoyable games you will likely ever experience on a mobile device.

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Just by looking at Tribloos 2 it should be quite apparent that this game was created with PC controls in mind. This shouldn’t really come as a shock though, as this is a sequel to a game that was PC exclusive, and it more or less keeps the same style of gameplay. I wasn’t too sure if these controls were going to transfer over to a touch-screen device too well, but I’m happy to say that they do. However, I really suggest playing Tribloos 2 on a tablet if at all possible, as the in-game text and the buttons you will have to press could be a bit tough to used on a phone. (This was not tested for the review, but rather it is a bit of a guess on my part. I very well could be wrong about this).

To control your tribloos you just have to tap on a structure (or material) that is located in the level, and then press either the ‘plus’ button to add tribloos to the location, or the ‘minus’ button to take them away. That’s really about all you will have to worry about. The controls are very simple, but I found them to be perfectly responsive in my time playing the game.

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The visuals in Tribloos 2 are yet another area of success for the game. The Bumpkin Brothers have done a fantastic job of creating this unique world that these furry little tribloos inhabit. You really feel that this game takes place on a mysterious island thanks to the gorgeous visuals that you are presented with. Whether it’s the well drawn artwork used in the game’s story sequences, the gorgeous animated backdrops, or the movements of your tribloos – everything has been touched with a great amount of polish.

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The sound design in Tribloos 2 is yet another area of the game that is well done. The game has a soundtrack that is over 20 minutes long (which is quite impressive for a mobile game), and it has a kind of epic and cartoony feel to it. I know that’s a weird way to describe music, but that’s really the best way I can think to describe it. The sound effects and soundtrack work great with the art style that has been presented, and everything really flows together nicely.

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One of Tribloos 2’s greatest accomplishments is how much content the developers packed into it. The main story consists of 75 campaign levels, and these will definitely take you a while to complete. Each level is also ranked out of three stars, so if you’re a perfectionist you’re going to have a lot of work ahead of you. In addition to the story mode you also have five bonus levels to complete, and 15 challenge levels as well. There are also over 20 achievements to unlock, and these will take a fair amount of time to unlock. You’re going to have to manage your ‘real life’ time carefully, as Tribloos 2 is going to be eating up a lot of it.


The Tribloos 2 is one of the best games I have come across in all of my time playing games on my mobile devices. The game is priced at $2.99 on Google Play, and in my honest opinion this is a complete steal. Tribloos 2 is highly polished game that is jam packed with content, and is one of the best games released so far this year. The developers have really put their heart and soul into creating a wonderful and unique experience that you will instantly fall in love with. This is one time management game that is definitely worth your time.

Don’t procrastinate any longer – go and download Tribloos 2 right now!


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The Tribloos 2 Review James Maxwell



Summary: Tribloos 2 is a game that is unlike anything else you will find on Google Play. The game has a well written story, a great art design, and a well crafted sound design too. Where Tribloos 2 really shines is through it's highly addictive gameplay. The mechanics are easy to learn, but there is enough of a challenge to keep just about any gamer happy. Tribloos 2 is stuffed with a tonne of content, and it will keep any gamer busy for a long time to come. Tribloos 2 is one of the best gameplay experiences you are likely to play on a mobile device this year. Who knew that managing your time could be this much fun?



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