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Arcade Classic Crazy Taxi Crashes Onto Android

It may have taken a while, but SEGA’s infamous arcade racer Crazy Taxi has finally arrived for Android devices. This pixel perfect recreation of the arcade classic has all of the outrageous gameplay and rocking tunes that made it an instant hit with gamers both at home and in arcades.

Crazy Taxi puts players in the drivers seat as a maniacal taxi driver who will do anything it takes to get his patrons to their destinations on time and in the process earn a huge tip. Driving on the wrong side of the street, crashing into other vehicles, and catching crazy air is just another day in the life of a cabby in Crazy Taxi. In addition to the original arcade mode, players can test their driving skills in one of sixteen crazy mini-games.

crazytaxiss1 crazytaxiss2

Both touchscreen and tilt controls are available, but Crazy Taxi also has full support for bluetooth controllers like the MOGA Pro and PS3 controller for those who want a truly authentic experience. While we couldn’t imagine anyone ever getting tired of Crazy Taxi’s punk rock soundtrack, players can opt to use the music from their own library instead.


Unlike some of SEGA’s recent mobile titles that fell short of their console cousins, Crazy Taxi is the real deal. You can pick it up for $4.99 on Google Play.


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