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Hyper Active Brick Breaker Retroid Bounces Onto Android

Independent developer Taurris has unleashed a hyperactive new take on the Arkanoid genre called Retroid. While most brick breaking style titles tend to be extremely simple in their design, Retroid turns the gameplay dial up to 11 with a seemingly endless procession of new level dynamics and trippy visuals.

Breaking bricks is still the object of the game, but Retroid employs an addicting game design that is constantly introducing new challenges and crazy power ups. One minute you’ll be clearing blocks in a hand drawn doodle art style world and the next you’ll be trying to keep track of your ball amidst an ocean of neon graphics in Retroid’s Geometry Wars-esque stages. You never know what to expect in Retroid, which is refreshing to say the least when it comes to the Arkanoid genre.

retroidss1 retroidss2

One of Retroids more interesting design choices is giving players the ability to “flick” the ball. With a quick tilt of their Android device, players can deal maximum block damage by redirecting the balls trajectory towards more favorable targets. Even veteran Arkanoid players will find plenty of new concepts to master in Retroid.


Retroid is a refreshingly unique take on the brick breaking genre that isn’t afraid to be different. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.


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