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Sardonic Action Adventure Ittle Dew Comes To OUYA

Independent developer Ludosity, best known for its cross-platform RPG Magicka: Wizards Of The Square Tablet, has released the OUYA’s first “Must Have” game, a hilariously irreverent action adventure by the name of Ittle Dew. With its tongue firmly in cheek, Ittle Dew feels like The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past as if it were reimagined in HD and written by the guys at Adult Swim. Its gorgeously hand drawn art style is complemented by an immensely entertaining game design that effortlessly blends monster smashing and puzzle solving into one nostalgically addicting experience.

screenshot01 screenshot_15

Rather than limiting itself with formulaic gameplay and predictable level design, Ittle Dew is filled with hundreds of different secrets and shortcuts to discover. This non-linear design encourages multiple playthroughs and even competition amongst friends thanks to its championship style speedrun system, there’s even an online leaderboard for tracking all the different ways players have beat the game.


Ittle Dew is a hilariously entertaining action adventure and easily one of the best games for the OUYA. It’s available now for $13.99, the same price as its Steam cousin.

Developer Website – Ludosity

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