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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #3

Welcome to the 3rd edition of our weekly indie game round-up. This has been an awesome week for new indie games, and I’m sure there will be at least a couple that you’re going to want to check out. Take a look and see what we’ve found for you, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom of the post.

Artisan Adventure from XN Village

Artisan Adventure is a new Adventure RPG from little known developer XN Village. Artisan Adventure features a non-linear storyline, so you can tackle your missions in whatever order you want. Level up your character in and build up your skills in 16 unique areas and become the most powerful warrior in the land. You’ll need to be strong if you want to defeat the powerful monsters that want to remove your beloved town from the map.



  • 16 different skills to master
  • Over 1000 equipable items
  • Tons of enemies to conquer and slay
  • Unique and changing gameplay
  • Plenty of adventures
  • Free updates!

Get your hands on this unique RPG for just $1.05 on Google Play



Bugsplosion from Emil Zeilon

Bugsplosion is an intense retro styled action game that has you squashing as many bugs as you can without letting them get to the other side of the screen. The game also has an with an original bitpop soundtrack, which is just awesome!

Check out Bugsplosion in action: Bugsplosion Gameplay Video



  • 8 worlds
  • 48 levels
  • Original Bitpop Soundtrack
  • Classic & Endless Game Modes
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond Trophies
  • 42 Achievements

Best of all Bugsplosion is completely free, so you’ve got to give this retro inspired bug smashing game a shot.



Jets Aliens Missiles from Neptune Interactive Inc.

Jets Aliens Missiles is a new side-scrolling space shooter that has taken a good amount of it’s inspiration from classics in the genre like Gradius and R-Type. You’re in command of an advanced fighter jet that’s equipped with awesome futuristic weaponry. You must take to the skies and defend the human colony from the approaching alien onslaught.

Check out JAM in action here: JAM Launch Trailer



  • Slick hand-drawn art with 3D graphics and sweet particle effects running at 60 FPS
  • Simple relative touch controls
  • 5 Campaign stages, 3 Difficulty settings, and ranking system for high re-playability
  • Unlimited Survival stage
  • 2 vehicles to choose from
  • Multiple weapon types
  • Customize your fighter vehicles with paint
  • Lots of enemy types
  • Gigantic alien bosses
  • Lots of Achievements
  • No in-app purchases

If you’re not already totally sold there is a demo version of JAM that features a fraction of what you’ll get with the paid version. However, the full version is jam packed with content and will cost you just $1.99.

Demo                             Full Version

get-it-on-google-play1 get-it-on-google-play1


LAD:Run – The Beginning from Black Chair Games

Black Chair Games, the developers behind the Limbo-esque platformer ‘LAD‘ have just released their new game LAD: Run – The Beginning. LAD:Run is an endless runner style of game that is actually a prequel to LAD. You will get to go back to the beginning and see how this story got started.

Check out the trailer to see this endless runner in action: LAD: Run Trailer


Like it’s predacessor LAD:Run still sports a gorgeous and unique art style and a wonderful soundtrack. Get absorbed into this unique world for just $1.10 from Google Play.



Leaping Legend from Everplay Interactive

Leaping Legend is an arcade styled ‘endless climber’ where you climb the tower, avoid obstacles, and survive for as long as you can. Earn valuable coins to buy new characters and power-ups, and post your high scores through the Google Play Game Services.



  • Endless Entertainment! Compete for the highest score against friends and foe alike with the global leaderboards, complete missions and quests to earn rewards for loot, and unlock a barrel full of achievements!
  • Tons of unlockable heroes! Are you the chivalrous Knight destined to save the damsel in distress? The elusive Ninja proving his skill? The illustrious Ace of Blades out for one more quest? Time to find out.
  • Challenging Gameplay! The challenge you face will get harder the further you go! Do you have what it takes to make it to the top and surviving the bombardment of cannons, the explosions of falling bombs, the piercing thrust of arrows, and much, much more?!
  • Free To Play! Leaping Legend is currently Free To Play so you can experience a world of not-so epic proportions!

Download this unique (and extremely enjoyable) free endless runner from Google Play.



Mazement from Wronghut

Mazement is a unique puzzle platformer that has just been released by Wronghut. You take control of a small blue ball that must roll his way through this epic fantasy world and save his spherical friends from their captors. Can you make your way to the end of this elaborate labyrinth world and put an end to the rule of the non-spherical evildoers?

See Mazement in action in the game’s gameplay trailer: Mazement Trailer

maze2 maze1


  • 30 Levels filled with puzzles, dangers and excitement
  • Great 3D graphics and physics and destructible 3D world
  • Epic storyline with beautiful illustrations
  • Control the game accurately with the accelerometer or with virtual joystick
  • Collectable coins and power-ups
  • Use fun power-ups, jump high with BIG JUMP, blast through walls as a FIREBALL, and more.
  • Buy more power-ups from the power-up shop using coins collected in the game
  • End bosses!
  • Mysterious witch and egg mode!

Roll over to Google Play to test out the free version of Mazement, or get the paid version for just $1.97.

Free                              Paid

get-it-on-google-play1 get-it-on-google-play1


Monkey Pole Climb from Anthill Games

Help the monkeys retrieve their stolen bananas from the mean gorilla Heston. Move the magic balloons in order to guide the monkeys up their pole. Play mini-games, score bonuses, and even win medals for doing a good job. The gameplay here is unique, and there’s nothing quite like it on Google Play. More importantly the gameplay is fun – which is proven since the game won the’Best Gameplay” award at the International Mobile Gaming Awards. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.  –

See the game in action here: Monkey Pole Climb Gameplay

mpc2 mpc1


  • Unique award-winning gameplay
  • Hand-drawn cartoon animations
  • Original score by Knowledge Transfer
  • 100 levels of hot jungle action
  • 2 subgames featuring fruit and frogs!
  • 40 devious medal tasks

This unique puzzle game is available for just $1.26 On Google Play. Get over there and start monkeying around right away.



PiTT from 3ID Studios

PiTT is a little robot that needs to find his way through a maze of tubes. You will get through the levels while changing your shape or bounciness, while avoiding dangerous obstacles like lasers, magnets and teleporters. The realistic physics add a nice touch of difficulty to the gameplay in this fun puzzle game.  Can you finish all of the game’s levels and collect all of the batteries?

See the game in action here: PiTT trailer

pit3 pit1 pit2


  • 60 unique levels in 4 different worlds
  • Tricky puzzle action with realistic physics
  • Beautiful 2D graphics in HD quality
  • For free!

Drop on over to Google Play to get this great looking and unique puzzle for free!



Rundroid from Kitogoru Apps

Rundroid is a new retro inspired “jump and run” platformer that takes inspiration from genre classics like Mario and Megaman. The game is fast-paced and action-packed, while also being a big challenge at the same time. In each of the game’s 50 stages there are three circuit boards to collect; one that is hidden within each stage, one for completing the stage, and one for beating the extremely tough challenge times. So there’s a lot to do here, and you’re sure to be kept busy (and challenged) for quite some time.

Check out the Rundroid trailer: Rundroid Trailer



  • 50 unique levels of increasing difficulty
  • Originally composed 8-bit-style music
  • Fast paced, action-packed game play
  • 5 fantastic worlds
  • Time attack
  • Classic retro-style graphics

There are two version of Rundroid available for download. The free version is the full game but is ad-supported, while the paid version is $2.04 but is ad-free and comes with unlimited ‘skips’.

Free                               Paid

get-it-on-google-play1 get-it-on-google-play1


Starship Battles from Empty Flask Games

Explore the depths of space with your fleet of formidable warships and defend the galaxy from the invasion of a relentless alien attack. Along the way you will harvest valuable minerals and expand your fleet more advanced warships. The fate of the galaxy is in your hands.

Check out this game in action here: Starship Battles Trailer

ssb2 ssb1


  • Amazing next-gen graphics on your phone or tablet, with fantastic explosions, detailed spaceships, all fully rendered in 3D.
  • Purchase upgrades for your Warship – get improved weapons and a stronger shield or customize your ship with a variety of War-Paint.
  • Commandeer your Warships to destroy alien ships over 3 difficulty levels.

You can download Starship Battles off of Google Play for $2.07.



Tower Wars: Mountain King from Dark Online Entertainment

An army of monsters have crossed your border and have started to invade your kingdom. You must defend your honour through it’s tower defense style of gameplay.



  • Defend the scenic valleys and mountain outposts!
  • Build arrow and magic towers, catapults and cannons.
  • Win the battles on all 16 maps.
  • Four different game modes: Standard Mode, Campaign Mode, Endless Survival Mode, and The Battle To The First Blood.
  • 25 different monsters, from spiders to fire-breathing dragons!

You can start defending your kingdom for just $1.05 thanks to Google Play.



V for Vampire from Xendex Games

You take control of a little vampire that wants to find a princess so that he can drink her delicious royal blood. You will play through four creepy mind-dazzling enchanted worlds, using realistic physics to solve the puzzles that await.

Watch the trailer to see this game in action: V for Vampire Trailer

vfv1 vfv2


  • More than 35 mind-blowing levels with frightening realistic physics!
  • Wide ammo range: from plain rocks to magnets, blowing bags, smoke and water!
  • Use in-game solutions per level should the puzzles get too difficult!
  • Unlock mysterious bonus levels and find secret gifts!

You can sink your teeth into this great looking physics puzzler for just $2.25 on Google Play



Warriors 2: Road to Ragnarok from Enigma Games

Warriors 2: Road to Ragnarok is a new turn-based strategy RPG that has just been released by Enigma Games. You will be creating your own party from over 300 unique characters in your adventure through the mythical land of Bors. With your new warriors you will set off to prevent the Wargods and their Titans from starting Ragnarok and destroying the world.

war2 war1

Get this unique turn-based RPG for free from Google Play.



SGDjames’ Top 3 Picks of the Week:

  1. Leaping Legend

  2. Bugsplosion

  3. V for Vampire


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Do you want to see your game posted in one of our weekly round-ups? Shoot me an email: [email protected]


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