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‘Touch of Death’ Five Finger Death Punches Its Way Onto Google Play

Touch of Death is a brand-new frantic rhythm action game that has just been slapped onto Google Play thanks to the independent game developer Sharkbomb Studios. Touch of Death actually started out as a small game that was designed for Global Game Jam 2013 called HeartAttack. The release of Touch of Death refines and improves the original gameplay found in HeartAttack, while throwing in an additional touch of polish to its overall style.

In Touch of Death you find yourself in the role of an unnamed protagonist that has been put on a quest of honour and vengeance after the death of his mentor. You will find yourself up against endless waves of dangerous enemies using the game’s intuitive touch controls to defeat as many of your enemies as you can. The gameplay in Touch of Death has you battling through waves of deadly enemies, and you will be using the game’s intuitive touch controls to defeat as many as you can before your inevitable death.

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The game actually has touches of some of the most addictive games ever to be released on any system; borrowing elements from games like Fruit Ninja, Guitar Hero and even Temple Run. You will be tapping and swiping to various on screen prompts while doing your best not to lose your combo. You want to defeat as many enemies and stay alive for as long as you can. Do you think you have what it takes to avenge the death of your mentor?


  • Simple and precision and rhythm-based controls
  • Earn points and combo-multipliers
  • Different, randomly colored enemies
  • Multiple background environments


Fight your way over to Google Play to get this one of a kind arcade-style kung-fu fighter for just $1.99. Make sure you’ve got a tablet though, as you’re going to need the bigger screen to play this one.


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