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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #4

It’s that time of the week again. Another Friday means another Indie Game Round-Up, and we’ve managed to find a bunch of great new indie games for you. Check out what we were able to find for you this week, and be sure to vote for you favourites in the poll at the bottom of the page.

Circulus from Yogamen

Circulus is a new puzzler that will get you moving your device in all sorts of directions in order to solve it’s challenging puzzles. You will control a wide variety of different spheres and solving a multitude of different puzzles over three unique worlds. The gameplay will always keep you on your toes and you’ll never feel that it’s getting monotonous!

circ2 circ1


  • 100 unique levels;
  • Different conditions of finish each level and challenges;
  • Original intuitive gameplay;
  • Different types of spheres, blackholes, magnets and even bombs;
  • Three wonderful worlds.

Circulus is a game that is unlike any other puzzler out there. It’s also free, so roll over to Google Play right away!



Gif Tower Defense from Darellano

Gif Tower Defense is, well, a tower defense game that has elements you’d expect to find in a tower defense title. You will be building towers to prevent your enemies from reaching the end goal. You’ll have to think strategically if you want to do well in this one. Oh, and did I mention that the game has it’s own level editor (via it’s website)? Cool!

gif2 gif1


  • 3 different towers: laser, missiles, life generator.
  • 5 tower upgrades.
  • 3 different types of magic: ufo, fire, ice
  • Final Bosses after every 5 waves.
  • Different elements in levels: Stone, Ice, Crystals, Jumpers, Teleports.
  • Free and without ads!
  • Create your own levels at 

If you’re a fan of tower defense games you’d be silly to not give Gif Defense a look. It’s a free download, so check it out today!



Journey To Camel-Lot from MABA Media

Journey to Camel-Lot is a game that has taken heavy inspiration games in the WarioWare series. The developers have taken the best elements from those games and added some of the best features found in modern mobile games. The end result promises to be an extremely fun and frustratingly experience that will keep you hooked long a short play sessions.

One thing you will notice first off with Journey to Camel-Lot is that it pays tribute to some of the greatest games of all time. There are mentions to the original WarioWare microgames, but there are minigames related to some of the most classic and best contemporary games ever released. Whether you’re inputting a fatality-like code to destroy your enemy, setting up for battle in classic pokemon style, or dodging lightning bolts a la Final Fantasy X. The references are endless (well, not really), and any gamer looking for a fun experience that will bring back some gaming memories from their childhood should definitely check out Journey to Camel-Lot.

j2c2 j2c1

$1.04 on GP – does require close to 250 mb of free space



Kentucky Robo Chicken from Gameish Games

Play Robo Chicken from Kentucky state through 30 unique levels and catch hooded character who snatched red bulb from under your nose !
KRC is a platform game where player has to complete a long and difficult way to fulfill Robo Chicken dreams of having all three bulbs on his head in the same color.

See Kentucky Robo Chicken in action: KRC Gameplay Video


A Free download on Google Play so flap over there and get it.



Metal Earth: The Gray Matter from Glaring Productions

Based on the Metal Earth book series, you’ll volunteer as a Guardian of the Republic to help save the Alliance and its space stations. Create your character by choosing an Avatar, Profession, Space Station Origin, Armor, as well as some bonus skills. Use all your resources to investigate the mysterious mechanical mishaps and unexplained deaths. Replay the game as a new character and experience different gameplay, character responses, and endings.

In addition to Story Mode, there are three Mini Games: Bomb-a-Thon, Pilot Ace, and the War Room. Battle in quick sessions or for an extended time and earn Medals and High Scores. For the curious player, the game includes a full Codex, Strategy pages, and information on the book series.

megm2 megm1


  • Fast paced Action RPG
  • Customize your Guardian
  • Multiple endings
  • 3 Mini Games to complement Story Mode
  • Travel and fight across 4 space stations
  • Earn High Scores and Medals

Blast your way over to Google Play to give this in-depth game your full attention. You can get Metal Earth in two flavours; a free ad-supported version, or the ad-free paid version for just $1.04.

Free                             Paid (Ad-free)

gpheader gpheader 


Nightfall Lands from Pandula Peter

Nightfall Lands is an all new simple fantasy RPG that does away with overcomplicated background stories and confusing skill trees. However, you will still find a lot of elements you’d expect in your traditional RPG, such as four different races, three playable casts, and a diverse world to explore. You’ll even get to customize your own character, which is pretty sweet.

Throughout your journey you will automatically gain skill points that are based on your cast, gender, playing style and other decisions you make along the way. You will also find yourself hunting for hidden treasures, venturing on optional quests, partaking in a complex trading system, and solving some intricate logic puzzles. There’s even achievements in the game to add even more reasons for you to keep on playing. Do you have what it takes to save Nightfall Lands from it’s terrible enemy?

Check out the game in action: Nightfall Lands Trailer

nfl1 nfl2


  • Open world action RPG
  • 3 casts, 6 skills, upgradable equipment, trading
  • 16 different regions
  • Unique isometric pixel art graphics
  • Hidden treasures, optional quests

Surprisingly this brilliant RPG is available for completely free on Google Play, so be sure to download it now before the developer changes his mind!



Plane Loopy from thePodge

Plane Loopy puts you in the pilot seat of a stunt plane and you’ve got the crazy idea hat you’re going to fly it as far as you possibly can before the authorities find out about it. Through your adventure you will collect coins, fly through rings, bust clouds, and avoid stormy weather. You’re going to have to watch out for obstacles like birds, plans, and missiles – to name a few. Use your coins to buy new planes and take your adventure to all new heights.

pl2 pl1


  • Endless casual, stunt flying fun
  • Quick blast, addictive game play, there’s always time for a go!
  • Extra planes to unlock, including Rocket, Flying Pig and Flying Fish
  • Extra smoke colours to unlock (including rainbow smoke)
  • Helper upgrades (head start, extra life, coin magnet, and coin booster)
  • Full 360 degree looping game play, if you miss something, spin the plane around and go get it
  • Free game with optional in-app purchases

Fly over to Google Play and get your hands on this brilliant (and completely free!) endless-flyer. You wont be disappointed.



Skyland from Simplemaker

Skyland is a new platformer that takes place is a gorgeous land in the sky (surprise!) that revolves around the story of a young boy that goes on adventure to find flowers for his girl friend. You will find yourself in a unique world filled with a wide variety of traps and obstacles, so you’re going to have to be on your A-game if you plan making it through this challenging platformer. Skyland consists of 37 stages that span over 5 themes, so you should be kept busy for quite some time.

sky2 sky1
Skyland is available as a free download, so jump over to Google Play to give this one a whirl.



Traffic Hero from Artery Studios

Traffic Hero is a fast-paced action-puzzle game that puts you in control of four color-coded lanes of traffic. You’re going to be helping Officer Bob direct the colored vehicle to their corresponding lane using a simple control scheme to direct their movement. You’re going to need to make sure the cars are in their right lane if you’re wanting to set yourself a new high score.

th2 th1


  • Three distinct game modes; Story, Survival, and Arcade.
  • 2 player versus mode available on android tablets
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Plenty of Google Play Games achievements to unlock

Drive over to Google Play to get this traffic puzzler for free.



Venus Flytrap from hap inc.

Venus Flytrap is a new simulation/evolution game that puts you in complete control of the cute carnivorous Venus Flytrap. Tap on the various flying insects that come close to your flytrap to earn XP that will help your plant evolve into a more advanced bug killer.

vft2 vft1

Evolve your very own flytrap in Venus Flytrap. You can get it as a free download from Google Play.



Wild Cats: Blade from Studio Drill

Wild Cats: Blade is a game about the history of how combat in the back street all began. Take your group of four hero cats and battle your way through deadly enemies and upgrade your items and skills along the way in this unique cat-themed strategy-defense RPG.

See the game in action: Wild Cats: Blade Trailer

wcb2 wcb1


  • A unique ‘Strategy RPG Defense’ style of gameplay.
  • 12 various hero cats to choose from.
  • More than 90 unique and powerful to learn, and more than 120 items to choose from.
  • An upgrade system that allows you to evolve your items.
  • Challenging boss battles.
  • Earn catnip after each battle to use for new skills and upgrades.

Scratch your way over to Google Play to grab your own copy of Wild Cats: Blade for the nice low price of free.



Zapresso from Bad Crane

Zapresso is a new puzzle game that is based around a concept that we’ve all seen before. You are looking for the largest number of coloured blocks that are touching, and tapping them will net you points to your high score, while also freeing up space on the game board. Where Zapresso differs from it’s competition is through it’s huge focus on the need to be as quick as possible in order to survive. You’ll have to do what you can in order to create the largest areas of the same colour to add not only points to your score but also add essential extra time to your countdown timer.

zap3 zap1 zap2

Do you think you’re quick enough to handle Zapresso? Find out by zapping over to Google Play and grabbing Zapresso. It’s a free download, so there’s no reason to pass this one up.



Zombie Survival from Pixel Rainbow

Zombie Survival is an endless style game that has you blasting away at endless waves of deadly zombies. You find yourself equipped with just your trusty pistol with unlimited ammo, but every so often you might be lucky enough to come across a more powerful weapon, such as the machine gun or the shotgun (with limited ammo). Zombie Survival is equipped with online leaderboards and achievements through Google Play Game Services, which will keep you coming back for more.

zs2 zs1

How long can you fend off this horrendous zombie horde? Find out by downloading Zombie Survival for free from Google Play.



Ztatiq from Vector Cake

Ztatiq is an abstract, retro styled arcade-action game that has just been released by Vector Cake. Thegame will have you moving through a variety of gorgeous and challenging levels (10 in total) while controlling your little square the gyroscope in your device. Do you have what it takes to set a new high score?

zt2 zt1

Gyrate (actually… maybe don’t do that) you way over to Google Play to get Ztatiq for free.



SGDjames’ Top 3 Picks of the Week:

  1. Nightfall Lands

  2. Plane Loopy

  3. Journey to Camel-Lot


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Do you want to see your game posted in one of our weekly round-ups? Shoot me an email: [email protected]


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