Published on July 19th, 2013 | by James Maxwell


It’s Finally Time To Delve Into ‘The Deep Dungeons Of Doom’

One of my most anticipated games of the year, Deep Dungeons of Doom, has finally made its way onto Google Play. The game has been on iOS and Ouya for a little while now, so it’s nice to finally see it available for android gamers.

Deep Dungeons of Doom is a challenging action-rpg-ish game that has an absolutely gorgeous pixel-art graphics style. You will be choosing from one of the three character classes (Crusader, Witch, or Mercenary) in your quest to get as deep into the dungeon as you can. Each floor is more challenging than the last, and things aren’t going to be made easy on you. You are going to be up against some challengine enemies, and they’re going to require a good amount of strategy to defeat. This isn’t going to be an easy adventure, but it’s sure to be a damn good one.



  • Relive the 8-bit era with super-stylised visuals, music and SFX
  • Simple gameplay with a wicked learning curve
  • Choose from 3 characters, each with their own unique abilities
  • Battle monsters in increasingly deep and difficult dungeons
  • Explore a world of magic, evil, power and redemption


If you’re looking for something a bit different you definitely have to check out Deep Dungeons of Doom. You’re in for a challenge, and also one of the best looking experiences you’re going to find this year. Deep Dungeons of Doom is a free download on Google Play, so get over there now and delve into the game right away.


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