Published on July 19th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Xbox Live Indie Game Super Killer Hornet Coming To OUYA

There have been many comparisons made between the OUYA marketplace and Xbox Live Indie Games platform, so it’s only natural that we start seeing games jump from one console to the other. Such is the case with Flump Studios hit Xbox Live Indie Game Super Killer Hornet, a deliciously difficult bullet hell shooter on its way to an OUYA near you.

Reminiscent of classic shooters like Ikaruga, Super Killer Hornet simultaneously pays homage to its predecessors and puts its own spin on the ubiquitous genre. Not only will players be blasting away at every thing on the screen and picking up crazy powerups as in other crazy shoot ’em ups, but they’ll also have to deal with Super Killer Hornets slightly bizarre scoring scheme. Players will have the opportunity to gain massive score multipliers by correctly picking up certain number combinations that float by during combat.


Super Killer Hornet will be launching towards the end of this summer on the OUYA and Windows Phone devices.

Flump Studios

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  • Paul Marrable

    Hello, Paul the developer here. Just to let anyone know this is now live on the OUYA 🙂

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