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1001 Attempts Review

1001 Attempts is a reflex-arcade title that has been brought to us thanks to CookieBit games and Everplay Interactive. Have the developers managed to create something unique with 1001 Attempts, or have they created a game that is just like 1001 other games on Google Play?

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As stated above, 1001 Attempts is a reflex-arcade game. In this game you will control a small pink creature (though you will eventually unlock more characters) that has the ability to swap gravity with the simple press of a button. Pressing the button will cause your cause your character to ‘fall’ from the top to the bottom and vice-versa. You also have left and right arrow buttons, which are used for aiming your jumps strategically. The touch controls work perfectly in this game, and I can’t say I ever had an issue with them.

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Your main goal in 1001 Attempts is to earn as high of a score as you possibly can, which is the norm for this style of game. Your score is bolstered in two ways; one is by by avoiding the never ending onslaught of deadly weapons (such as buzz-saw blades, rockets, flaming skulls, and screen splitting lasers), and the other is by collecting red and green gems. These gems pop up randomly throughout the arena and collecting them adds a nice boost to your score (10 points for red, 100 points for green), while also acting as the game’s currency. After collecting a specific number of gems the game will automatically unlock a new character for you. This is a great addition, and really makes this even more addictive than if you were just trying for a high score.

However, what probably adds the most to the game’s replayability are it’s great implementation of online leaderboards through Google Play’s Game Services. You can compare your high scores for both normal and hard mode, the total number of gems you’ve collected, and the number of times you have met your demise. I am always a fan of when games have online leaderboards, so I was very happy that the developers decided to add them into 1001 Attempts.

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One of my favourite aspects of 1001 Attempts are it’s great pixelized graphics. The graphics are pretty simple, but you can tell that the developers worked hard on creating a unique look to the game. Everything has a nice amount of charm, whether it be the various array of deadly weapons you will encounter, or just the different characters you will unlock. I also found that the frame rate stayed solid throughout my entire time with the game which is absolutely essential for this type of game.

In addition to the great graphics 1001 Attempts also has a fantastic 8 bit soundtrack that fits the game perfectly. It’s really catchy, and it is without a doubt one of the games biggest highlights.


1001 Attempts is easily one of the most addictive reflex-arcade games I have yet to find on Google Play. The simple concept mixed with a great amount of challenge make this a game that is extremely hard to put down. I found myself playing ‘just one more game’ far more often than I do with most games out there.

You can download 1001 Attempts off of Google Play for the great price of FREE.


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1001 Attempts Review James Maxwell



Summary: 1001 Attempts is an absolutely fantastic game. It is highly addictive, it controls well, it looks great, and is most importantly just a tonne of fun to play. You will find yourself playing ‘just one more game’ more often than you might expect. Don’t let this great game slip past you.


Highly Addictive

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