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Flame Your Friends in SpaceTime Games’ Battle Dragons

SpaceTime Games is the developer of some of the most popular and highest rated MMO’s available for Android devices. Fans of MMO’s have likely played at least one of their past projects, which include Arcane Legends, Dark Legends, Pocket Legends, and Star Legends. Each of their previous releases has received high review scores and millions of downloads, so you know whatever they release has to be good. SpaceTime Games has just released their most Studios new game Battle Dragons will likely follow suit and end up as a must play for any MMO fan.

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Battle Dragons is best described as an intense online combat strategy game. You will be building up your very own fortress that needs to be defended, but you’re also going to have to attack other players if you want to be truly victorious. To have the best fortress around you’re going to have to collect resources, create defenses for your base, and also form alliances with other players that you know you can trust. You start off as the chieftain of a small village, but if you put in enough time and think strategically there’s a good chance you’ll become the leader of all of the Dragon Nations.

One thing Battle Dragons does a bit different is its heavy integration of social aspects into the game. You are highly encouraged to work together with your friends so that you can boost your resource collection and reduce your build times. You can meet up with others either through the game servers, or you can even link up with your Facebook friends if you’d prefer. It definitely pays off to have allies on your side, so it’s a good idea to invite your friends to play Battle Dragons with you.

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  • Build a Dragon Fortress with over 43 different buildings
  • 10 different types of Dragon units that are all upgradable
  • 13 different types of structures to use to defend your fortress
  • Join up with friends to speed up your production rates  and your various upgrades 
  • Join with Facebook friends to help each other speedup and boost stuff too!
  • Fully optimized for all the latest displays on the market
  • Makes use of Integrated Google Play game services  


Battle Dragons is available as a free download, so get your download on and start gathering resources and pillaging villages right away!


Developer Website: Spacetime Games

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