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Glu Unleashes WOW Style MMO Black Gate: Inferno

When it comes to PC style MMO’s on Android, there are only a select few that truly deliver on the promise of an experience modeled after heavy hitters like World Of Warcraft. It can be difficult to fully realize a living breathing online world populated by real players on mobile devices. Well, you can add another name to that list because thanks to Glu Mobile, we now have another great online rpg to choose from called Black Gate: Inferno.

Black Gate: Inferno is nothing less than a fully fleshed out PC MMO gone mobile. Its feature set alone is nothing less than staggering. In addition to now customary rpg tropes such as a deeply customizable class based character system and massive quests in every conceivable scenario, Black Gate has a terrific party system that allows friends to quest together, participate in hordes, and even race chariots against each other all while cheering/taunting them over the in-game voice chat at the same time.

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  • Choose from 6 classes: Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Necromancer, Assassin, and Knight
  • Develop and increase unique abilities and skills
  • Customize and enhance endlessly with over 200,000 items to collect
  • Enter an immersive, living MMO game world filled with other real players
  • Complete quests on your own or with up to 4 friends simultaneously
  • Strategize with real-time voice chat
  • Choose exciting game modes including Team Defense, PvP Arena, chariot racing and more!
  • Join a guild and engage in MMO grudge matches!
  • Battle through hundreds of hours of PvE and PvP gameplay
  • Create an account to continue your game on any device!


An impressive effort from Glu Mobile to say the least, Black Gate: Inferno is available now on Google Play for free with no subscription fees.


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  • Kashmieer

    It’s not a new game actually. Only difference is the Glu release.

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