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New Space Themed RTS Ionage Warps Onto Google Play

Ionage is a brand new(and Android exclusive!) real-time-strategy game that takes place in the depths of space. You take control of giant floating space platforms, and, well, you destroy other giant floating space platforms. The game has a sort of ‘steampink’ style to it, which works nicely and makes for an interesting story in your conquest of the galaxy.

Ionage uses gameplay elements that you’d find in tower defense titles and RTS’s, but also has aspects you’d find in chess. I was lucky enough to test out an alpha build of the game, and it’s certainly a fun game. It’s quite unlike anything else out there, and it’s nice to look at too! The game really shines on tablets but it does work well on smaller screens as well.

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  • Explore the galaxy at the helm of your fleet of gun-bristling space platforms
  • Discover upgrades to customise your weapons
  • Recruit specialists for your team and use them to give you the edge in battle
  • Synergise your equipment and team to create unbeatable combinations
  • Strategise against ingenious AI which will adapt to your every move


Set your boosters to hyperdrive and blast over to Google Play to get your hands on Ionage. It’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.


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