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Xbox Live Shooter Super Killer Hornet Blasts Its Way Onto OUYA

The OUYA has already started to accumulate a healthy library of games, but perhaps its most glaringly empty category is the arcade style shoot ’em up. That’s why we’re pleased to report the phenomenal Xbox Live Indie Game Super Killer Hornet is now available, a pleasant surprise as we hadn’t expected its launch till later in the summer.

Anyone who’s played classic shooters like Ikaruga or Radiant Silvergun will feel instantly at home with developer Flump Studios hyperactive homage to these forgotten kings of the arcade. You’ll need cat-like reflexes to survive the neon onslaught of Super Killer Hornet’s outrageous enemies and challenging levels.

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While Super Killer Hornet is modeled after legendary shoot ’em ups, it has plenty of unique twists of its own that clearly establish it as the dominant shooter on the OUYA store. Not only will players have an insane variety of power ups and weapons available, they’ll also have to contend with the games innovative multiplier based scoring system. By calculating which enemies drop the best score multiplier, players will be able to unleash maximum firepower and soar to the top of the leaderboards. Arcade purists will be delighted to hear that Super Killer Hornet also has full “TATE” mode support, a display setting that allows players to turn their tv on its side for an authentic arcade experience.


Super Killer Hornet is a terrific new shooter that comes highly recommended. You can pick it up now for $.99 on the OUYA store.

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