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Xbox Live Shoot ‘Em Up Pester Now Available On OUYA

Flump Studios, the indie developer behind the smash hit Super Killer Hornet, is back with an OUYA edition of their retro style bullet hell shooter Pester. The spiritual sequel to Super Killer Hornet,  Pester offers an even more frenetic experience than its predecessor, taking its retro-gone-modern sensibilities and running wild with it. While it may look and feel like an HD update to games like Galaga, Pester has alot more in common with Japanese bullet hell shooters like Ikaruga and Sine Mora.

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With over 100 different ways to play, an achievement system that encourages both skill and experimentation, and one of the best gaming soundtracks we’ve heard in a long time, Pester is an insanely addictive shooter that will keep you coming back for more. Shoot ’em up aficionados will appreciate its attention to detail with features like the arcade inspired “TATE” mode that turns the action sideways.


Thanks to incredible titles like Pester, Flump Studios is quickly establishing itself as the king of shoot ’em ups on the OUYA. We can’t wait to see what else the indie developer has up its sleeve.

Pester is available now for $.99 on both OUYA and PC.

Flump Studios – Indievania (Pester PC Edition)

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