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Face Oblivion In Tegra Powered Action RPG Tainted Keep

Although Thursday has traditionally been the day that big Android games get released, it looks like the Nvidia Shield’s launch has shifted things this week as another jaw dropping Tegra optimized game by the name of Tainted Keep has been unleashed. Developed by Ravn Studio, Tainted Keep is a beautiful third person action rpg in the vein of legendary real time role playing games like Elder Scrolls: Oblivion or more recent mobile entries like Ravensword: Shadowlands.

As the sole survivor of a town decimated by an evil sorcerer, it’s up to players to traverse a perilous land fraught with hideous monsters who were once the cities inhabitants and end the magic spell cursing your people by whatever means necessary. Tainted Keep makes use of an innovative magic customization system that allows for a staggering amount of offensive and defensive maneuvers. In addition to great graphics and gameplay, Tainted Keep has full controller and even has a benchmark mode should you really want to push the limits of your shiny new Tegra device.

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  • Cast a single spell, or chain it with another to make a more powerful spell.
  • Weapons that upgrade visually as you release more souls.
  • Unique and twisted domains that contain powerful treasure.
  • Gems that you can slot into your weapon to adjust different statistics within it.
  • A variety of fearsome creatures to defeat!
  • Ultra graphic settings for Tegra 4 devices
  • HD quality resolution
  • Full world dynamic shadowing
  • Stunning dynamic reflections
  • Adjustable graphic settings
  • Full screen effects
  • Test your hardware capabilities with our unique built in benchmark mode
  • Full gamepad support as well as touch screen controls.


Yet another gorgeous looking Shield game that pushes the boundaries of what a mobile game can be, Tainted Keep is available for $4.99 on Google Play.


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