Published on July 31st, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Xbox Live Physics Platformer Space Ark THD Leaps Onto Tegra

Another Nvidia Shield launch title by the name of Space Ark THD has arrived bringing with it a fun, light hearted, and unique turn from the rather gloomy Shield rpg releases that preceded it this morning. A smash hit on the Xbox Live Arcade, this physics style jumping game combines elements of Doodle Jump, Bust A Move, and Galaga into one addicting package. Indie developer Strawdog has brought this amazing platformer to Tegra powered Android devices in all its glory.

spacearkss13 spacearkss14

As the leader of a team of hyper intelligent animals known as Arkanauts, it’s up to you to explore new planets ripe for terraforming. It seems the animals have lost their planet to a catastrophe and have turned their gaze towards the star in hopes of finding a new place to call home. This involves both collecting valuable resources from the planets surface and clearing debris from the path of incoming spaceships. As a featured Shield title Space Ark THD has enhanced graphics for Tegra 4 devices and full controller support.


Space Ark THD is beautiful, charming, and addictive. It’s available now for free on Google Play.


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