Published on August 1st, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Amphibious RTS TurtleStrike Will Leave You Shellshocked

It’s not often that a truly innovative strategy game comes around, but it seems independent developer eeGon has done just that with the recent release of their hybrid turnbased/realtime strategy title Turtle Strike. An online multiplayer game, Turtle Strike lets your torti navy duke it out with both friends and strangers armadas in tense battles all over the world. Whereas most strategy games tend to get repetitive after a while, the unpredictable nature of Turtle Strike’s game structure makes for epic and exciting action.

turtlestrikess1 turtlestrikess2

This ingenious game has a unique hook behind its gameplay that feels like Battleship, Worms, and X-Com all rolled into one addictive RTS. Dubbed “Live Turn Based” battles alternate between planning stages where you give your units commands and attack stages where your orders are carried out. The catch is that at the same time all this is going on your opponent is doing the same thing, meaning every unit on the map moves simultaneously. You can even win real money by entering into Turtle Strike’s online tournaments for a small fee.


Turtle Strike is a charming strategy title with a unique premise and addictive gameplay. It’s available now for free on Google Play.


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