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Circular Color Matching Game ShadowArc Rolls Onto Google Play

ShadowArc is a new fast-paced color matching game that takes place on a circular grid. You use the two thumbstick pads on the screen to control the red and green paddles that rotate around the circle (think of them like arms on a clock). Using the thumbsticks you will move the paddles to match the corresponding arcs that move from the centre of the circle to the outside. You will boost your points by building combos and picking up various power-ups, but with the arcs coming at varying speeds, trajectories, and in different patterns this is easier said than done. This game is sure to be challenging yet fun experience no matter your skill level.

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ShadowArc features hours of gameplay through its numerous levels and five different Zones of ever increasing difficulty to play through. You’ll start off learning the game’s basics in the Elemental Zone, and eventually you’ll make your way to the near impossible Matrix Zone. Each zone also contains its own endless mode, which makes for infinite replayability.

Luckily you have access to a wide number of upgradeable power-ups to help you out. You will be able to slow down time, use temporary invulnerability, and even nukes to make things a bit easier. Each of these power ups is even upgradable with the coins you earn by playing the game. This is a huge plus, and adds a tonne of replayability to the game. In addition to upgrading your power-ups you can also use your coins to buy additional hit points and and power-up slots.

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  • 75 handcrafted levels
  • 5 different endless modes – compete for the high score
  • Cloud sync to save your game progress
  • 60 fps gameplay
  • Upgrade and power up system
  • Original soundtrack and sound effects


ShadowArc is a brilliant new color matching game that shouldn’t be passed up by anyone. It’s a free download on Google Play too, so you have no reason to pass up on it. Swing over there and download ShadowArc right away!


Developer Website: Free the Robots

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