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Top-Down Arcade Shooter Alien Blitz Explodes Onto Google Play

It’s night time and your peaceful island has just been invaded by evil creatures from outer space. No one is around to help you with the predicament, so what is a lone soldier to do? Well, isn’t it obvious? Strap on your body armour, stock up on ammo, load your shotgun, and head out to destroy alien scum!


Alien Blitz is a top-down arcade shooter that really has a lot to offer fans of the genre. You will be going from level to level finding keys, accessing new zones, and avoiding deadly traps that get in your way. The more than 20 different enemy types aren’t going to stand idly by though, so you’ll also have to keep an eye out for homing fireballs, missiles, and other atrocities they have prepared for your destruction. Luckily you have a wide array of firearms to protect you on your journey. You’ll start off with a simple shotgun, but eventually you will come across more powerful weapons like fragmentation missiles, chain lightning and bombardment.

Alien Blitz also includes 4 difficulty settings, which means gamers of all skill levels, whether casual or hardcore, will be kept happy. There also treasures to find, achievements to unlock, and Speed Run’s to complete – so this is a game that’s going to stay on your device for a long time.



  • Arcade-shooter (top-view)
  • Hours of shooting
  • 4 difficulty settings
  • 37 levels + 4 secret levels
  • 14 upgradeable weapons
  • 22 unique monsters
  • 100 achievements
  • Experience and levelling system


Alien Blitz is available either as a free or paid download. The free version gives you access to the first episode, which should give you a good taste of the action. However, if you pay the $2.62 for the full version of Alien Blitz you will be given access to all 3 episodes of the campaign. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Google Play, take your safeties off, and start destroying the evil alien scum today!

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