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Stunning Space Shooter M.A.C.E. Flies Onto Google Play

M.A.C.E.: Military Alliance of Common Earth is a program that began after the first alien invasion of Earth in 2054. It was designed to combine the efforts of the people of Earth to work together and destroy all of the evil alien scum that has started attacking their peaceful planet. M.A.C.E. trains only the best fighter pilots to go after and destroy any incoming alient forces, and to send the rest of them back to where they came from. You take command of the first fighter jet to be used with alien technology, and it is all up to you to save earth from the evil alien forces.

M.A.C.E. is a classic space shooter that has been enspired heavily by Amiga titles of this genre. You will be blasting your way through three different worlds that are each made up of six individual levels. Each world concludes with a huge boss battle too, which is most impressive. The game is fully HD, and as you can see from any of the screenshots or the gameplay videos of M.A.C.E. you will see that the graphics are handdrawn and just stunning. This game could quite possibly be the prettiest space shooter ever released.



  • 18 levels spread across 3 different worlds
  • 3 big end bosses
  • Endless waves with unique enemies
  • 3 difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard)
  • 3 gfx settings for lower and faster devices
  • Many hours of fantastic gameplay
  • Brilliant handdrawn graphics
  • 30 minute long epic soundtrack
  • Achievements to unlock
  • Online leaderboards
  • 15 different weapons (5 types with 3 upgrades each)


You can get your hands on this stunning space shooter for $2.74 from Google Play.


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