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Kickstart A Modern Classic With Chopper Sim Hell-IX

When it comes to fan favorite retro games that have been unfairly resigned to the past, perhaps none are more so neglected than the search and rescue turned battle chopper series that started with Desert Strike. A graphical marvel at the time, Desert Strike was one of the first games to put gamers into the pilots seat of an advanced battle helicopter as they rescued captured soldiers and took on an evil army. It also happens to be one of our all time favorite games.


That’s why we’re so excited for independent developer Retromade Games Studio’s latest project, a game that feels like Desert Strike reborn called Hell-IX. This gorgeous looking title takes the concepts that worked so well in the Strike series and updates it with beautiful HD graphics, intuitive gameplay, and a fresh new take on the genre. Like before players will fly dangerous missions in an advanced military helicopter, but this time around there is a fresh perspective on the action thanks to the Unity3D engine and a Chinook sized load of new ideas thanks to Retromade Games Studio.


Does this look like a game you’d like to play? Then help make it a reality! Hell-IX is being crowdsourced through Kickstarter so make sure you show them you support awesome games like this by chipping in a buck or two.

Kickstarter – Hell IX – Retromade Games

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