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Genre Bending Platformer Telekinesis Kyle Coming Soon

An incredible new console quality platformer by the name of Telekinesis Kyle is headed our way soon, and it will blow your mind. Brought to us by the good folks at independent developer Vellum Interactive, Telekinesis Kyle is the story of a gifted young boy who discovers he has the ability to move objects with his mind.

At first he is careful to guard this secret, fearing what his life would become should it be discovered, but as fate would have it Kyle’s powers are discovered and he is whisked away to a school for the gifted. Unfortunately for Kyle the school turns out to be a front for an evil organization planning on using telepathic children to take over the world. If he ever wants to see his family again he’ll have to run and jump his way through deadly puzzles as fiendish as anything GlaDos could make, all the while saving both the world and himself from the clutches of the organizations henchmen.

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Players will help Kyle escape the mountain fortress he finds himself trapped in by completing a series of “tests” put forth by his captors. These range from simply rearranging his environment to complex logic equations requiring an innate knack for physics. By combining traditional platforming with puzzle solving and real world physics, Telekinesis Kyle feels both familiar and completely new.

As if having great gameplay and graphics weren’t enough, Telekinesis Kyle also has a rich story told through both in-game cutscenes and professionally voiced, hand drawn motion comics. You’d be hard pressed to find a platformer with a deeper narrative anywhere, let alone on Android.


Telekinesis Kyle will be launching August 15th on the Google Play Store.

Vellum Interactive

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