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The Falldown and Platformer Genres Fuse in When Ian Fell In The Machine

As the title says, When Ian Fell In The Machine is a game that combines the falldown genre and platform genre into one unique package. At first glance you will think that this game is just a traditional falldown game, and in a way that is true. The game looks and plays similarly to these games; you tilt your device to move the ball (or Ian in this case), and you try to “fall down” as far as you can before you die. However, the way you play the game actually feels a bit more like a platformer than a falldown game. As you send Ian down through the machine you will have to be careful to avoid the traps you will encounter on the way down. There are many spinning blades of death, unstable platforms, and other various dangers that you have to watch out for. You’re not trying to go down the machine as fast as possible, but rather you’re going to want make smart decisions and take your time if you plan to succeed.

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When Ian Fell In The Machine is baed around our friend Ian who was lured on top of a trap door by the promise of a delicious sausage that was dangling from the ceiling. When Ian tried to eat the sausage the trap door opened and Ian quickly finds himself tumbling down into the inner workings of a fiendish machine filled with various types of platforms and devilish (and especially deadly!) traps. Do you think you’ll be able to guide Ian to the prize of the delicious golden sausage? (or is the sausage a lie?!)

An interesting fact about When Ian Fell In The Machine is that it actually came into existence simply because of a coding bug the developers encountered in another game that they had been working on. The guys over at Bumpkin Brothers enjoyed what this bug had done that they decided to turn the gameplay idea into it’s own full game.

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  • Three levels of difficulty. Each with its own tricks and surprises.
  • Upgrade Ian with new clothing and equipment to help you get further.
  • Game Centre leader boards and achievements on iOS
  • Google Play leader boards and achievements on Android
  • Heads, spikes and sausages! All in one game.


I have been lucky enough to try out this game before its release, and I have to say that I’m very happy that the Bumpkin Brothers encountered this strange bug while they were coding. The combination of the two genres works surprisingly well, and it really makes for a game that is quite unlike anything you will have played before (while still feeling somewhat familiar at the same time). When Ian Fell In The Machine can be yours for just $0.99 on Google Play, and I highly suggest checking this game out. It is yet another gem from the great indie developers The Bumpkin Brothers.


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