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Futuristic Racing Game Delta-V Racing Speeds Onto Google Play

Delta-V Racing is a gorgeous new futuristic racer that is considerably different than other games you’d expect to find in this genre. Developers have always tried to up the others in the genre by create crisper graphics than those of their competition, or they might try to implement an intuitive control system that hasn’t been seen before.  However, Delta-V Racing has decided to step away from the norm to create an entirely different futuristic racing experience.


Pretty much all futuristic racers to date have taken place in the realm of three dimensions. But, this is where the game’s developers have made Delta-V Racing really stand out as something extremely unique. The game plays out as a 2D side-scroller, which is unique not only to the futuristic racing genre, but the entire racing genre as a whole. I feel the folks over at TouchArcade described the gameplay best when they called it a fusion of “Mario Kart and Wipeout into a 2D side-scrolling affair”. Judging from the screenshots and the trailer below this definitely sounds very accurate, but more importantly Delta-V Racing just looks like a tonne of fun to play.


You take control one of the game’s many futuristic racers as you snake your way through some of the finest race tracks in the galaxy. You will undoubtedly need to be quick to think and even faster to react if you want to take first place. Luckily you have a handfull of awesome offensive and defensive power-ups to help you get that step closer to winning each of the game’s intense tournaments.


  • Google Play Game Services achievements and leaderboards.
  • Cloud saving. Uses your Google+ ID to keep your progress across multiple devices.
  • Race against friend’s Ghosts in all 36 events – watch them crash and burn!
  • 4 tournaments split across 36 events, all with multiple routes to victory.
  • 7 distinct event types including Race, Elimination, Collector, Time Trials…
  • 8 awesome offensive and defensive power ups (Cannon, Spread, Laser, Mine, Missiles, Force Field, Boost, Phase Shift.
  • Work your way through 8 unique ships, each with different performance, defence, and loadout capabilities.
  • Advanced AI that is just waiting for you to slip up.
  • Precise controls that have been designed from the ground up for touch screens.
  • A totally original, thumping soundtrack by (UK Industrial Breakbeat legend) DeathBoy.
  • Get that quick adrenaline fix or settle in for a full-on, nerve fraying session.
  • High definition graphics for tablets


To get your hands on this unique and incredibly solid futuristic racer you will need to drop just a mere $0.99 over at Google Play. So speed over there and give this game a well deserved download right away!


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