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Retro Shoot Em Up Super Crossfire Blasts Onto Android

Indie developer Radian Games has been making a name for itself lately with a rapid fire Android launch of its acclaimed iOS shooter library. Games like Ballistic SE and Inferno+ have given us addicting new takes on iconic shoot ’em up sub-genres, both successful attempts at evolving the gameplay structure of the titles they take inspiration from. It looks like you can add yet another innovative new shooter to their Android catalog as their trippy Space Invaders-esque title Super Crossfire is now available on Android as well. As with its iOS release, Radian Games has chosen to publish Super Crossfire under a different publisher, this time opting for the Unity Games label as opposed to Chillingo.

The idea behind Super Crossfire is simple yet intriguing, a hyperactive mash up of Galaga and Geometry Wars that turns the vertical shooter on its head. Literally. Rather than wait at the bottom of the screen for the inevitable hail of bullets, players can warp their ship between the top and bottom of the screen. This interesting design choice introduces a strategic element to Super Crossfire. Fans of Radian Games’ previous games will feel right at home with Super Crossfires similarly structured upgrade system that unlocks extra abilities and better weapons as experience points are gained.

supercrossfiress3 supercrossfiress2


  • High intensity action + stylish graphics and music = pure fun
  • 150 waves of alien-exterminating mayhem across 5 chapters
  • Bonus unlockable Dark mode adds an additional 150 nail-biting waves
  • Tilt, touch, or virtual button options–the choice is yours


Another terrific shoot ’em up from Radian Games, Super Crossfire is available now for free on Google Play. There is a catch however, it is currently only available for Sony made Android devices but should also arrive for other devices in the coming weeks. We’ll be sure to let you know when it does.


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