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‘Squares in Space’ Safely Lands On Google Play

Squares in Space is a new retro styled casual arcade game from the indie developer Jake Mor. This game looks to be a mixture of the classic game Snake with gameplay elements you’d be sure to find in today’s ever popular ‘endless’ genre. You will be flying a small white square through space while collecting green squares and avoiding the evil red ones. This is done through intuitive touch controls that make this a game that anyone should be able to pick up and get hooked into in no time.

Doing well in each round will not only net you a high score, but it will also reward you with coins that can be used to upgrade your square and your power-ups. You’ll see the traditional upgrades you’d normally see in an endless game (magnet, 2x multiplier, big coin, etc), but you will also come across a wide array of other abilities and upgrades that will make setting a new high score that much easier. Squares in Space is simply jam packed with content to unlock. This put together with the extremely addictive nature of the gameplay means any gamer should be addicted to this game for a long time to come.



  • 30+ Levels to Upgrade
  • 10+ Abilities to Learn
  • 4 Upgradeable Power-Ups
  • 5 Reusable Power-Ups
  • Clean Simplistic Design with Intuitive Controls
  • Signature Sound by Kevin Macleod (headphones recommended)


If you’ve been looking for a great new casual arcade game you should look no further than Squares in Space. This unique title is available on Google Play for the very low price of $0.99.


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