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Retro-Inspired Metroidvania Game ‘Mage’ Zaps Onto Google Play

Mage is a new action-platformer from the small Australian indie developer Plus Int Studios. This game takes obvious inspiration from some of the best retro games ever made; most notably Castlevania and Metroid. In Mage you will be controlling a young wizard that is on a quest to find some legendary spellbooks that are locked away in a terrifying dungeon filled with deadly monsters and huge bosses. On his quest this mage inadvertently gets possessed by the soul of an ancient evil wizard named Daos. This Daos guy is definitely not happy about this situation, and throughout the mage’s journey he will be pelted with insults from this spirit, which makes for a very humorus storyline. This combined with the awesome retro gameplay definitely make this a game that gamers looking for a kick of nostalgia simply can’t pass up.


  • Action/Adventure
  • Hours of Gameplay
  • Amusing Story Line
  • Interesting Boss Fights
  • Ghostly Insults
  • Magical Spells
  • Difficult Challenge Mode
  • Tricky Achievements
  • Metroid/Castlevania Styled Gameplay
  • Inspired by the flash game – KOLM


Mage is one retro game that definitely deserves a look. The great retro art style put together with the comical storyline make this a surefire hit. So head over to Google Play and download this Metroidvania styled game for just $0.99.



Developer Website: Plus Int Studios

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