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Genre Jumping Platformer Sugar Monster Hops Onto Android

Usually when a game tries to be a jack of all trades, oftentimes by incorporating a wide range of gameplay mechanics into a single title, the product as a whole tends to suffer due to attempting to accomplish too much at one time. However when it’s done right a genre spanning title can be like a breath of fresh air, introducing new concepts and providing a unique gameplay experience. Such is the case with independent developer Epollomes newest title Sugar Monster, a charming retro style adventure that feels like an entire arcade rolled into one game.


Like all great platformers, Sugar Monster’s story is short, simple, and sweet. Literally. This is the story of Nino, a sugar powered mutant who loves to play around and eat whatever sweets he can find. Players will help him hop through over 128 levels filled with menacing baddies and ever changing obstacles. As things get more difficult, players will be able to spend coins to unlock cool new powerups for Nino like a jetpack for flying around the level for limited periods of time.


Developer Epollomes’ approach to in-game currency implementation is pure genius, there is not a single cash transaction to be found in the game anywhere. Instead, players will earn coins that can be used to upgrade their character in the main game by playing arcade inspired minigames that provide a nice break from the action and are fun experiences in their own right. These range from a Dr. Mario inspired puzzler to a Space Invader’s homage to even a physics based racing game.


Sugar Monster is a total blast with tons to see and do without ever spending a dime. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.


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