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Kickstarter Spotlight: Edo Superstar

Edo Superstar is an upcoming fighting game that has just kicked its own group funding campaign onto Kickstarter. Edo Superstar isn’t your typical fighting game, as it combines traditional Japanese art, a clever storyline, great character design, and intuitive touch controls into what looks to be a fighting game unlike anything that has ever been released.


The art style in Edo Superstar has been inspired by the traditional Japanese art style known as Ukiyo. This art style has been around for a very long time, but Edo Superstar’s art designer Jed Henry (@theJedHenry) has added his own unique style to this classic art style to develop something truly fantastic. Jed Henry has been working with this art style for a long time now, and he has now decided to take his love of the Ukiyo art style into the realm of video games. If you have never heard of Jed Henry before you owe it to yourself to check out his website He has combined the Ukiyo art style with classic video games – and the final product is something that is pure genius!

(An interesting fact: Jed Henry’s previous Kickstarter campaign for the Ukiyo-E Heroes website pulled in an astounding $313,341 – withits initial target being just $10,400!)


Edo Superstar puts you in the shoes of Masaru, a small-town monkey with dreams of becoming Japan’s greatest star. After learning his fighting skills from the secretive Shig Ninja Clan Masaru heads big city to build up his reputation as a strong fighter. While he’s there he meets up with a fast-talking rat that quickly becomes his agent. His agent sends Masaru from town to town to fight the most notorious bad guys in all of Japan, and each victory brings Masaru close to his ultimate goal; to become the one and only Edo Superstar!

Edo Superstar has taken some of its inspiration from some of the best games ever released. The gameplay was inspired by Street Fighter 2 – which is probably the most highly respected fighting game of all times, and the story, characters, and leveling system has been inspired from games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Edo Superstar is like a love letter to gamers – and I don’t see how anyone could not want to see this come to fruition.


Edo Superstar has been designed with mobile devices in mind; specifically multi-touch devices.  The developers have decided to axe the virtual joystick and button controls that are typically found in mobile fighting games, and have rather put their focus on designing an intuitive control system that gives you a more direct interaction with the action.

While Edo Superstar isn’t too far into production just yet there is an early gameplay video (directly above) that gives you an idea of how the game will control. These controls are sure to be refined and improved before Edo Superstar is officially released, but so far it is looking great already!


Edo Superstar is a Kickstarter project, so I’m sure most funders are at least a bit curious about the perks that are being offered. The perks start off at $10, and this comes with a pdf strategy guide and a pdf art book; for $20 you will be sent a set of 12 5/7″ enemy character cards; for $30 you will get a snazzy Edo Superstar t-shirt; and for $50 you will get to choose one of four different woodblock prints of Masaru (see the images above) made by the renowned Yukiyo artist Dave Bull. There are many more higher perks for those who want to spend a bit more, and you can find these game’s official Kickstarter page.


Edo Superstar is one of the coolest projects I have yet to find on Kickstarter. Its unique meshing of traditional Japanese art, intuitive touch controls, and fantastic story and character design make this a game that is sure to be a hit. Currently the game is 35% funded with two more weeks left to raise the rest of the money they need. Head over to Kickstarter right now and show your support to the developers by donating however much you can. This is one project that really needs to see the light of day!

If all goes as planned Edo Superstar is expected to be released in September 2014.


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