Published on August 22nd, 2013 | by James Maxwell


Stunning Platform-Runner ‘Too Many Me’ Leaps Onto Google Play

The planet is under attack from a tentacle invasion, and there’s only one way to stop it… you! Too Many Me is a new runner/platformer that gives you control of your very own an army of clones. Well, you start off with just one character, but as you are run through each of the game’s 50 stages you will come across cloning rings that when jumped through will add an extra member to your clone entourage.


The members of your clone army (which can have more than 30 clones in it!) are likely to meet an untimely death during this adventure; whether it be from falling into a pit of spikes, or getting obliterated by a spinning blade of death, and their fate is in your hands. You will have to make hard decisions, like if it’s best to sacrifice half of your clones so you can collect a hidden star, or should you save them in order to help you further down the road? The decision is all yours – so make sure to use this power wisely!


  • 50 unique levels
  • Simple one-touch controls
  • A stunning art design
  • A fun ‘cloning’ element that makes it stand out from other games in the genre


You can make this gorgeous one-touch platform-runner yours a small $2.00 payment on Google Play. I highly recommend checking it out. I know I will be!


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