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Panic Art Studios New Game ‘Rum Isle’ Sails Onto Google Play

The indie developer Panic Art Studios, the makers of the popular game Zombie Kill of The Week have just released their newest title Rum Isle. Rum Isle is a game that fans of old-school RTS games like Warcraft (the original games, not WoW), and Age of Empires will fall in love with instantly.

rum1 rum2

Rum Island has been developed by the two indie game developers Jussi Kukkonen and Elias Viglione, and what they’ve created is something quite unique. At first glance you will see that the game looks to be a pirate themed RTS; you will be building crops and gathering resources in order to build up your village. The resources you collect will also be used to build up your defenses – and this is where the game’s tower defense elements come into play. The towers you build will protect your village against enemy attacks, and to build up your village – which leads into the games tower defense elements. The resources you gather will be used to build towers – and these towers are in turn used to defend your village from enemy attacks in the way you’d expect from a traditional tower defense game.

rum3 rum4


  • Different tower types to upgrade up to 5 times and then choose from ultimate tower types!
  • Many different resources to gather and refine into building materials
  • Lots of upgrades to strengthen your towers and walls
  • Kill enemies and use their corpses to build new crops to gather!
  • Achievements!
  • Many rare Relics to obtain!


Rum Isle is a unique RTS/TD hybrid that looks to be another solid release from the great team over at Panic Art Studios. Fans of either of these genres are sure to love this game, and best of all it is a free download on Google Play – so everyone needs to give this one a look! Download it now!


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