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Acclaimed Sandbox Style TD CastleMine Comes To Android

After wowing gamers on Windows Phone and iOS, the highly rated, open end tower defense title CastleMine has burrowed its way onto Android. This fan favorite strategy title has garnered near universal praise for its addicting gameplay and unique approach to level design. There is plenty to love about this terrific new title from its style to its structure to its price(it’s completely free).

This new version of the classic strategy game has been rebuilt from the ground up using the Unity3D engine which brings an intuitive new control scheme, crisp HD graphics and tons of new content to the battle. Like many tower defense style games, CastleMine is the story of the players epic struggle to stop the inexorable march of the vicious baddies making their evil procession across the screen. That’s where the similarities end however as CastleMine’s unique digging mechanic changes the game, literally. Players will create the entire level as they go along by digging deeper and deeper paths along which to combat the ever looming horde. While this may unleash new baddies to fight, it also affords the opportunity to mine for precious gold and minerals which can be used to upgrade towers and provide support units like magical landmines.

castleminelogo2                castleminelogo3


  • A player skill tree featuring 165 upgrades across 33 unique skills.
  • Upgradable defense towers that gain XP as they fight.
  • Strategic support towers that improve adjacent defenses.
  • Unique strategy options where you control the path your enemies take.
  • 60 challenging levels.
  • Digging. Everybody loves digging.


A fresh and unique take on the tower defense genre, CastleMine is one of the best strategy games on Android. It’s available for free on Google Play, without a single IAP in sight.


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