Published on August 28th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Upcoming Brawler Crosstown Smash! Echoes River City Ransom

Android fighting games nowadays have a penchant for placing style above substance, often resulting in a good looking though mediocre experience. The formula for creating the perfect arcade style beat ’em up in the vein of classics like X-Men or Streets Of Rage can be elusive, but indie developer PaNc Software seems to have cracked the code with their upcoming retro brawler Crosstown Smash! At first glance, Crosstown Smash! could easily be mistaken for an arcade title from the 8-bit era, but once you see it in motion it becomes clear that PaNc Software is creating something special.

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By incorporating a deep fighting system with surprisingly advanced AI, Crosstown Smash! feels like a much more intricate version of its predecessors. Rather than patiently stand still while you pound the life out of them, enemies in Crosstown Smash! exhibit a modicum of intelligence by retreating when necessary and countering your moves if you’re not careful. As players pummel their way through the games old school style levels, they’ll unlock powerful and oftentimes hilarious special moves in addition to other goodies. Throw in a high octane soundtrack from artist Factor6 and you’ve got a winning formula.


A fast paced throwback to the days when the arcade brawler was king, Crosstown Smash! will be arriving on Android and iOS soon.

PaNc Software

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