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Street Fighter 4 Gets Released Worldwide On Samsung Apps

When it comes to fighting games, no company boasts a better pedigree than Japanese developer Capcom. The same cannot be said however for their Android sales strategies. The legendary studio responsible for some of gamings all time greats has been reluctant to release the Android versions of their iOS titles outside of Japan, resulting in games like Resident Evil 4 seeing extremely limited international releases.

That trend may finally be changing however as the Android version of Street Fighter 4 has finally been made available to western audiences though not in the way you might expect. As was the case with the western release of Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 4 is now available to owners of Samsung devices by way of the manufacturers Samsung Apps store.

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Like its iOS counterpart, Street Fighter 4 on Android is a pint sized version of the uber popular console fighter that does an admirable job of recreating the arcade experience on mobile. By making sacrifices in the graphics department Street Fighter 4’s developer was able to keep the franchises iconic gameplay intact, resulting in an authentic Street Fighter experience so good it has even been used in professional gaming tournaments. In our review of the Japanese only version we praised Street Fighter 4’s deep gameplay but were disappointed in the low production values, giving the venerable fighting game a 3.5 out of 5.


Could this be a sign of an impending worldwide release on Google Play? We can only hope. Street Fighter 4 is available now for $3 on Samsung Apps.


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