Published on September 1st, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Legendary Shoot ‘Em Up Doom 3 Blasts Onto Google Play

Having already released Android ports of iconic first person shooters like Quake 3 and Return To Castle Wolfenstein, indie developer n0n3m4 is back with yet another jaw dropping unofficial conversion that is sure to please old school shooter fans. The fan favorite developer has done the impossible and brought the legendary iD software title Doom 3 to Android in all its gory glory. It’s all thanks to an impressive recreation of the games engine called DIII4A that scales for both performance and visual fidelity.


As was the case with the developer’s previous releases, players will have to provide their own Doom 3 files from a copy of the PC game since DIII4A doesn’t contain the games data, only its engine. Since not every Android device is the same DIII4A has a wealth of graphical settings ranging from lighting and texture compression to even custom resolutions of any size. There’s also full support for wireless controllers like the PS3’s dualshock, customizable touch controls, and even full mouse look support as long as its running on a rooted device.


An impressive conversion of one of the most iconic games ever made, DIII4A is now available on Google Play for free.


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