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Old School Style Action Puzzler Ice Escape Coming Soon

With an increasing number of big times games being little more than momentary diversions designed to suck money out of their users its always heartening to hear about indie developers keeping the spirit of gaming alive. When freelance programmers and artists approach game design as a labor of love rather than a product for sale, great things can happen. Such is the case with Ice Escape, an upcoming puzzle style action game from Corey Drake Games.


This charming puzzler has a nostalgic feel to it that will instantly appeal to gamers who grew up on games like Banjo Kazooie and Super Mario 64. As a group of recently thawed dinosaurs who managed to survive the ice age thanks to an errant glacier, players will fling, slide, and swipe their way out of craftily designed stages filled with surprising obstacles. They’ll have to make use of four different dino’s unique abilities to overcome the challenges each puzzle presents. There’s no time to sit and think for hours on end, players will have to respond to the different enemies inhabiting the environment in different ways. From devious hunters to carnivorous dino’s on the lookout for lunch, Ice Escape isn’t afraid to put players skills to the test.


Ice Escape has an impressive variety to its game design that gradually introduces new challenges and concepts over the games 100 level campaign. Things start off easy at first but soon players will find themselves chased around stages by hunters, sneaking by hungry carnivores, and precisely timing each shot so as not to get eaten.

The game’s graphics and sound design have a charming aesthetic with a very Nintendo-like feel to them that was inspired by Banjo Kazooie on the Nintendo 64. Excellent character design combined with fluid animation and an upbeat soundtrack filled with catchy piano riffs give Ice Escape a relaxing feel to its experience.


When we said Ice Escape was a labor of love, we meant it. Corey Drake Games will be releasing Ice Escape for completely free with no ads or extra charges. Look for Ice Escape to launch this November on Android, OUYA, and iOS.

Corey Drake Games

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