Published on September 3rd, 2013 | by James Maxwell


Retro Inspired Platformer Lumber Jacked Chops Onto Google Play

Everplay Interactive, the publisher of several great games on Google Play has just released another solid looking title; this time in the form of a challenging retro inspired puzzle platformer.

In Lumber Jacked you take control of Joe the lumber jack. Joe is on a quest for justice against those who stole his lumber; the evil beaver bandits and their notorious leader Bustin Beaver. These beavers plan on using this lumber to build their own dam nation, and Joe wont allow that to happen in his forest. Help Joe to run and punch your way through the beaver infested woods in this fast-paced “Speed Runner Platformer”. You will have to collect items, defeat enemies, and solve challenging puzzles before the clock runs out. Help Joe recover his lumber and put an end to these dastardly beavers.


  • Beautiful Retro Graphics
  • Incredibly Fun Physics to make interesting puzzles
  • Variety of Enemy Types to Overcome
  • Wall Jumps!
  • Multiple Worlds with More To Come!
  • Ad-Supported for Free Version


Head over to Google Play right away to download this free challenging puzzle platformer. Joe really needs your help if he’s going to put an end to the evil ways of Bustin Beaver.


Developer Website:

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