Published on September 6th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Boss Based Shoot ‘Em Up The Rockets Blasts Onto Google Play

Bullet hell shooters like Sine Mora and Ikaruga are intense experiences to say the least, but there is perhaps nothing more challenging than the shoot ’em up genre’s utterly insane boss battles that are often typified by ridiculously large enemies spewing a flood of laser death even veteran gamers struggle to avoid. It’s in this great tradition of arcade shoot ’em ups that indie developer Local Space has released an impressive bullet hell shooter of its own called The Rockets. This fast paced and artistic homage to the oft neglected arcade genre distills the boss battles it’s known for into a full blown game that pits players against legions of deadly leviathans.


Each stage is a unique standalone experience devoted to a single boss like the Crablazer or Space Dragon and with every boss requiring different tactics to defeat, The Rockets handily offers a one of a kind spin on the bullet hell shooter. As players progress through the adventure style campaign they’ll be able to upgrade their ships stats and unlock new abilities by spending loot acquired from fallen foes. Bonus levels can be unlocked by completing certain achievements like scoring high on the leaderboard which has been fully integrated with Google+.


An inventive spin on the bullet hell shooter, The Rockets offers addicting gameplay and artistic visuals. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.


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