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Dumble Magically Appears On Google Play

Dumble is a new arcade-style dual stick shooter from the indie developer Glass Knuckle Games. Dumble originally started out as a Flash game called Dumbledore 64, but the game has now been ported over to mobile devices. Though the name of the game has changed all of the charm from the original is still included in this release.

You control of a lowly wizard that finds himself in a mysterious field. After you pick up your magic wand your adventure begins. Using the game’s unique spell combination system you will mix various elements together to create a wide variety of spells to dispatch your foes and eliminate the games five huge bosses. All of this is done with an absolutely wonderful retro art style that is sure to appeal to older gamers.

dumble1 dumble3

  • Fantastic retro graphics and sounds
  • A unique spell combination system
  • 50 different spells
  • Six handsome worlds
  • Five intense boss fights


If you’re looking for the best wizard simulator on the market you really need to head over to Google Play and download Dumble right away. It can be yours for just $1.02.


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