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New Pinball-Platformer I Am Level Springs Onto Google Play

I Am Level is a new indie game from the UK developer Smiling Bag. I Am Level is a retro inspired game (just look at those graphics!) that is a unique and fun mashup of platforming gameplay and pinball action. By tilting your device you will get your character rolling, and when you tap or hold on the screen you will activate the game’s pinball elements like bumpers, springs, and doors. Collecting the stars in each level will earn you experience points to upgrade your character, and will and also mark the area as completed. Can you make your way through this unique retro platforming world and collect all of the stars?


Before the game’s release the developer stated that he would make the game free for a day for every 25 views the game’s trailer received. Before the game’s release date (today) I Am Level received 625 views, which means it will be available as a free download for the next 25 days. I haven’t seen this approach taken for a game’s release before, but I like it! How can you complain when an awesome new game is free?


I have spent a bit of time playing I Am Level this morning, and I am very impressed by it so far. The gameplay is different than anything else out there, and most importantly it is just a tonne of fun. The great retro graphics and sound design is also spot on, which just adds another level of awesome to this game. Definitely head over to Google Play right away and grab I Am Level. It’s only free for a limited time, so there really is no time like the present to jump on this fantastic game.


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  • This is awesome! It’s like Sonic Spinball meets Super Meat Boy!

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