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Retro Classic Hunt The Wumpus Returns With A Definitive Remake

Adventure gaming has come a long way in the storied history of video games. Amidst all the flashy graphics and surreal environments typical of modern adventure games people tend to forget that there once was an era where graphical limitations necessitated developers create new and innovative gameplay styles. Many of the game design archetypes found in modern day gaming trace their roots back to this time period, which goes to show just how creative people can be when they focus on ideas over window dressing.

One of the most influential games to come out of this era was Hunt The Wumpus, an stealth action adventure game released in the early 80’s that pit players against a ferocious monster in a nearly pitch black cave. Now modern day gamers will get to experience this classic battle of wits for themselves thanks to a complete remake of Hunt The Wumpus by indie developer TCKSOFT.

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A tale of man versus beast, Hunt The Wumpus follows the trials of young villager who has either been cursed or honored by being charged with tracking and hunting a deadly animal who’s been known to terrorize villages at night. After a long chase, the beast has retreated into its lair and it’s up to players to brave the dangers of the cave and put an end to the monsters reign of terror. It won’t be easy though as there is more than just the Wumpus roaming the caves halls. Giant bloodsucking bats, spike filled pits, and other gruesome traps are everywhere, which adds an interesting stealth element to the gameplay.

As with the other games in TCKSOFT’s nostalgic Retro Series of remakes, Hunt The Wumpus has been completely rebuilt from the ground up for Android devices with new graphics and controls that perfectly preserve the source material’s feel. Every aspect of the original game has been lovingly recreated and offers several different modes that will challenge even veteran Hunt The Wumpus players.


If you’ve never played Hunt The Wumpus before, do yourself a favor and check out one of retro gaming’s finest experiences. You’ll be glad you did. Hunt The Wumpus is available now for $1.54 on Google Play.


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