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Casual Retro-esque RPG 8-Bit Battles Delves Onto Google Play

8-Bit Battles is a new retro-inspired RPG from the indie developer Bard. The gameplay has been inspired by classic RPG’s like Sword of Hope and Dragon Warrior, and fans of those game’s will undoubtedly fall in love with this game instantly. To be successful in 8-bit Battles will have to exploit the weaknesses of your enemies in order to succeed and level up your character.While this may sound like what you’d expect in any RPG the developer has simplified the experience by making it so you will no longer need to micro-manage your stats. This makes it perfect for mobile gamers who dig RPG’s and want something to pick up and play while you ride the train to work.

8bb-title 8bb-screen1 8bb-screen2

  • 22 monsters to fight, including the ultra-difficult boss Heltos
  • Discover enemy weaknesses and exploit them for massive damage
  • Gain new attacks and abilities by unlocking items
  • Simple gameplay that gets more nuanced as you progress

8-bit Battles was born out of the developers desire to create an old school RPG that would provide the player with instant gratification. They wanted to create a casual experience for RPG fans, but didn’t sacrifice too much of the retro feel that inspired them to create it. The full version of the game can be yours for just $0.99 on Google Play, but if you’re not entirely sure you can try out the demo they’ve posted as well.

Demo                                 Full Game

get-it-on-google-play11 get-it-on-google-play11

Developer Website:

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