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Retro Dungeon Crawler Heroes Of Loot Charges Onto Android

Indie developer Orange Pixel, best known for its retro themed lineup of titles like Meganoid and Gunslugs, has released its highly anticipated dungeon crawler Heroes Of Loot onto Android for all to enjoy. Sporting fast paced gameplay fashioned after rogue-like rpg’s such as Gauntlet or Diablo with a hint of twin stick shooting thrown in for good measure , Heroes Of Loot is a tongue-in-cheek send up of the dungeon crawling genre filled with tons of monsters to shoot and plenty of cool items to loot.

As one of four nameless heroes out on an epic quest for riches and glory, but mostly riches, players will fight their way through hordes of baddies that roam the procedureally generated halls of Heroes Of Loot’s levels. Defeated monsters will drop gold, gems, and all other kinds of loot which help make your character stronger and unlock new abilities. As players get stronger though, so does the dungeon, which in a clever design choice also gains experience and levels up at a rate on par with the player.

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  • Unlimited amount of randomly generated dungeons
  • Random quests to reward you with extra loot, items, experience, and more
  • Four classes to choose from: Elf, Warrior, Wizard and Valkyrie
  • Secret area’s
  • Special mysterious dungeon items
  • A large collection of loot and items to acquire and aid you in your quest
  • Always changing gameplay


An addicting action rpg built for longevity, Heroes Of Loot is Orange Pixel’s finest game yet. You can pick it up now for $1.99 on Google Play with an ad-supported version available as well.


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