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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #12

As I seem to say every Friday – it’s been yet another fantastic week that has been filled with some great indie developed games. There’s sure to be something in the list the grabs your attention… or at least I hope there is. Take a look, and make sure to vote for your favorites in the poll located at the bottom of the page.


Aliens Like Milk from Right Fusion Inc

Aliens Like Milk is a game about a cute little alien that really likes milk (it’s good for your bones, you know). Unfortunately his fridge is completely empty, so he’s going to have to find some more milk no matter the cost. Aliens Like Milk is a breathtaking physics puzzler that will have you using some gameplay mechanics as you attempt to rescue the good cows. Along your journey you will collect stars, unlock new planets, and most importantly – avoid the evil extraterrestrial cows!


This great looking physics puzzle is available either as an ad supported free version or you can pay just $0.99 to remove all advertising from the game. Regardless of which way you want to go Aliens Like Milk looks like a solid addition to the physics puzzler genre.

Free                                   Paid

get-it-on-google-play11 get-it-on-google-play11


Boarding Party from Priority Interupt

Boarding Party is a new Doom-esque shooter from the devs that made the 3D roguelike RPG Delver. Their new game Boarding Party takes a good amount of influences from classics from the shooting genre (Doom, Wolfenstein, etc), while also using an art style similar to what we saw in Delver. The game takes place on a ship that has just been boarded by alien baddies. It is your goal to blast your way through them in your attempt to reach one of the ship’s escape pods. You’re the only one left alive so you and your arsenal of deadly weaponry are going to have to work extra hard to to blast away all of this alien scum and reach he escape pod safely.

See this fantastic looking retro shooter in action: Boarding Party Gameplay Video



  • Swarms of enemies
  • Piles of guns
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Fast-paced old school FPS action

This fast-paced old school FPS is just $1.04 on Google Play, which definitely seems like a steal. If you’re a fan of classics in the shooter genre you wont want to miss out on this one.



Borstal from The Secret Pie

Borstal is a survival-focused roguelike that takes place on a small island in the 1920’s. You find yourself wet from the rain in the shoes of a 13 year old boy that is in search of his missing father. Can you help him to find his Dad in the randomly generated world that is filled with meaningful choices and multiple endings?

See this game in action: Borstal Gameplay Video

Borstal2 Borstal1

Bostal looks to be a unique indie roguelike that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy. It’s a free download on Google Play, so give it a download right away.



Combat Cats from New Horizon Games

Combat Cats is a new cat-themed retro-inspired brick matching game that is quite a bit different than anything you have likely seen before. The game is pretty much best described as a mix of puzzle, gem matching, RPG, and adventure that I think gamers of all ages will be able to enjoy. At first glance you might think that Combat Cats is just another Bejeweled clone, but that’s not actually the case here. You wont be sliding tiles across the board but rather you are picking up whatever block you want and placing it wherever you want. This style of gameplay adds a whole new level of strategy to the genre, and it’s extremely addictive. In addition to the fun gameplay you have a funny story, great retro graphics, tonnes of unlockables, and achievements to work towards. This game is simply jam packed with content!

See this fun retro-inspired puzzle game in action: Combat Cats Gameplay Trailer

combatcats2 combatcats3 combatcats5


  • Match bricks in any pattern you want.
  • Earn extra points and do more damage for bigger combos.
  • Fire off nuclear weapons!
  • Pop pesky water bubbles that block your game board.
  • Upgrade stats, weapons, aircraft!
  • Unlock achievements!

Combat Cats is without a doubt one of the best games I have played this year. The game is jam packed with content, and it’s charming art design is sure to put a smile on the face of any fan of retro games. Don’t pass this one up. It’s available for just $0.99 on Google Play.



Dodge N from zztfox

Dodge N is a game that puts you in control of a nameless square that is on a journey to collect valuable green dots. Unfortunately the levels are filled with deadly red squares that he must avoid at all costs. Using simple touch controls you will send your nameless square across the screen, collecting green dots to gain combos, while avoiding the red ones so that you can stay alive. If you collect lots of dots you will be able to unlock new power-ups like mines, shields, and more. And who knows, if you set a high score you may just unlock some new costumes for your little nameless square.

dodge dodge2

This unique puzzler has a free and paid version available. The free version comes with a limited amount of content and the paid version will give you access to new power-ups and unlockable skins. If you decide to go with the full version it will cost you a mere $0.99 on Google Play.

Free                                    Paid

get-it-on-google-play11 get-it-on-google-play11


Don’t Fall in the Hole from Oooweeooo Inc

Don’t Fall In The Hole is a multiplayer game that is all about fast-paced action and strategy game. You will drawing back on your cannon to aim, letting go to fire, and tapping on the screen to detonate your cannonball. Your goal is to push your opponents off the ledge and into the hole. However, you’re going to want to think strategically so that they don’t knock you down first.

See this multiplayer game in action: Don’t Fall in the Hole Trailer

dfih1 dfih2


  • 2-4 players
  • 5 unique power-ups
  • 15 character choices, including alien, ninja, teddy bear, astronaut, and more
  • Tournament-style gameplay and rankings
  • Great for kids and family audiences
  • Better than a board game for parties, family events, and fun with friends

If you’ve been looking for a fun family friendly party game you should definitely check out Don’t Fall In The Hole. It’s just $2.99 on Google Play and is sure to be fun for the whole family.



Dragon Season from Ghost Box Games

If you’re a fan of endless runners you MUST check out Ghost Box Games’ new game Dragon Season. Dragon Season puts you in control of a cute little dragon that is trying to fly as far as he possibly can; and destroying anything and everything that gets in his way. Along your journey you will come across a variety of tasts to complete, which includes delivering the silly townsfolk to their destination. Dragon Season also sports a truly wonderful art style that is filled with a tonne of charm. So get ready to fly your friends to safety, grab some valuable treasure, and blast your way through all of the seasons!

See this game in action:Dragon Season Trailer



  • Blast towers with your fireballs!
  • Hilarious and goofy characters!
  • Seasons change every 15 minutes with new challenges!
  • Give characters a ride to level up your dragon!
  • Race your friends up the leader board!
  • A unique mix of destruction and endless runner!

This absolutely gorgeous endless ‘runner’ is available on Google Play for the surprisinly low price of FREE. Flap on over there and download Dragon Season today!



Fling Theory from Coding Jar Studios

Fling Theory is a fun new physics puzzler that is sure to bend your brain! You are going to solve the game’s puzzles by manipulating physics and destroying obstacles with…Electrons?! You will charge atoms so that the magnetic field you create can lead your electrons to safety. You’re really going to have to use your brain if you want to solve the game’s complex puzzles and beat your friend’s high score.

Check out this game in action: Fling Theory Trailer


If you’ve been looking for a challenging game you should definitely give Fling Theory a download. This hugely unique physics puzzler can be yours for just $0.99 on Google Play.



I Am Level from Smiling Bag

I Am Level is a retro inspired game that is a unique and incredibly addictive mashup of platforming gameplay with pinball action. You move your character by tilting your device, and you’ll activate the game’s bumpers, springs, and doors by just tapping on the screen. The controls are easy to learn, but don’t take that to mean the game is going to be easy. If you want to collect all of the game’s stars you’re going to need a lot of skill, luck, and upgrades. Do you think you have what it takes to make it through this unique retro-platforming world?

See this unique platformer in action: I Am Level Reveal Trailer


Surprisingly I Am Level is a free download (for a limited time), and I really can’t stress how important it is to download it! The gameplay is fun and easy to learn (though tough to master), and the “retro” graphics and sound design are quite possibly the best I have ever seen. This is one game you don’t want to miss out on, so head over to Google Play right away and grab your very own copy. It’s only free for a limited time, so there’s no time like the present to jump on this fantastic game.



Jack N’ Jill from The_R

Jack N’ Jill is a charming retro platformer that uses a simple one button control scheme. You play as Jack. Jack wants to make his way to Jill. So you’re going to have to run and jump your way through the game’s levels while avoiding the huge number of obstacles and enemies you are sure to encounter. The game is made up of 60 levels that span across three unique landscapes, which means you’re going to be busy for a while on this one. Though Jack N’ Jill is challenging it is also a lot of fun and it’s the perfect game for anyone looking for a great pick-up-and-play platforming game.

See this great retro platformer in action: Jack N’ Jill Trailer

Jack N’ Jill has been inspired by some of the best handheld platformers that have ever been created; the most notabile ones being Super Mario Land and Kirby’s Dreamland. With such great games as a framework you can bet your bottom dollar that Jack N’ Jill will be worth your time. Impressively the game is free on Google Play, so you have absolutely no reason not to give this a look.



OmNomster from Made It App

OmNomster is a hungry little monster that wants to sink his teeth into anything he can. He’ll eat banana skins, fish bones, broken umbrellas, truck tires, and whatever other trash that might come his way. What makes OmNomster so much different from other games on Google Play is how it uses your device’s gyroscopic capabilities. To eat the trash that flies across the screen you will shake your device to get OmNomster bouncing off the walls. The more you eat means the higher the score you’re going to get. Through the Google Play Game Services you can post your high score online and also unlock a bunch of achievements too. Make sure to collecting bottle caps too (the game’s form of currency) so that you can buy some silly outfits for your little OmNomster.

See this unique game in action: OmNomster Gameplay Trailer

omnom1 omnom2 omnom3


  • Check out amazing Power-Ups and customize the look of your OmNomster™.
  • Get to the top of the leaderboard, challenge your friends and complete all achievements!
  • Hungry for new gaming experience? Get this game now and keep your hands shaking!
  • Om nom nom nom nom…

OmNomster is a game that is really unlike anything you’re going to find on Google Play. The unique gyroscopic controls make it stand out as unique, but the fantastic art style and fun gameplay will keep you coming back for more. Download OmNomster from Google Play for just $0.99.


The Rockets from Local Space

The Rockets is an new bullet hell arcade shooter game that is all about boss battles. The game is broken down into over 20 levels, and each of these will pit you against a new boss with a unique look and different attack patterns. As you progress through the game you will unlock several new ships to take into battle, and as you defeat bosses and gather some coins you will be able to buy some essential power-ups. The fun gameplay meshes very well with the absolutely gorgeous art design – and The Rockets comes across as a very fun and very solid space shooter.

See this bullet hell shooter in action: The Rockets Gameplay Trailer

therocketslogo therocketslogo3


  • Defeat 20+ unique levels
  • Unlock bonus levels
  • Upgrade & powerup elements
  • Google+ leaderboards/achievements

Download this absolutely stunning bullet hell shooter absolutely free on Google Play! Do it! Trust me on this one.



Tumblox from Rat King

Tumblox is a unique puzzle game from the popular German indie developer Rat King. Tumblox is a brain-twister that will have you rotating your device or pressing the on-screen buttons to rotate a big box that is filled with a bunch of smaller boxes. You are trying to successfully get all of the blocks to their final destination – but this is easier said than done. Along the way you can try for a three star rating on each of the game’s 80 hand-crafted levels. Don’t expect this to be easy though; the level of difficulty ramps up quickly, and new gameplay elements are introduced throughout, which are sure to tease even the smartest puzzle fans.

See this unique puzzler in action: Tumblox Trailer

tum1 tum2 tum3


  • Simple: just rotate a big box full of boxes
  • Intuitive: screen swiping, iPhone rotation, good ol’ buttons – choose your style!
  • Various: different colors – portals – three dimensional puzzles
  • Difficulty: from easy peasy to brain melting
  • Addictive: collect stars for your fame
  • Up-to-date: expect more levels in the future

Puzzle gamers that are looking for a real challenge should definitely check out Tumblox. Rat King is well known for making unique games that are a tonne of fun to play and Tumblox is no different.  You can download it right now for just $2.04 over on Google Play.



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