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Kickstarter Spotlight: Underwater Metropolis

While we’ve seen a few Sims games land on Android in the past, they’ve all failed to capture the magic of designing and building your own digital utopia. Luckily, it looks like we’ll be getting a proper city building game soon thanks to Eleventh Level Interactive’s new Kickstarter project Underwater Metropolis. This aquatic simulator from the creative minds behind Sudoku RPG and Snowslide will be a spiritual sequel to what is considered to be one of the greatest games of all time, Sim City 2000. It’ll be much more than that though as Eleventh Level is taking the classic Simcity formula and amping up everything people loved about it while adding unique gameplay twists never before seen in the simulation genre.


Unlike the majority of what barely pass for sim games on Android, Underwater Metropolis is a full featured city building game that puts players in charge of every aspect of designing, building, and maintaining a vibrant city filled with hilarious aquatic denizens. As players build roadways and form a basic economy they’ll start to see their creation come to life as all manner of sea creatures begin to populate and grow the landscape. Eventually the city will become so big players will need to assign important jobs to its denizens like a Police chief to stop bank robberies by machine gun totin squids.

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One of Underwater Metropolis’s most interesting elements is it’s unique take on the disaster scenarios popularized by the Sim City series. In those games players were helpless to mitigate the widespread destruction caused by catastrophes like tornadoes and wildfires, all they could do to save the city was to rebuild after all the carnage had settled. In Underwater Metropolis players will take a more direct approach to combating disasters with tactics like rallying the citizenry to different causes and giving missions to special characters. This adds an ingenius strategy element to the gameplay that puts Underwater Metropolis in a league of its own.

Does this sound like a game you’d like to play? Help make it a reality by contributing to Underwater Metropolis on Kickstarter. You’ll get all sorts of cool rewards like early beta access, the game’s soundtrack, or even a chance to help design the game!

Underwater Metropolis is currently in development for Android and iOS, and if it hits its stretch goals it’ll be coming to OUYA, PC, and Mac as well.


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