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Futuristic Runner Racer XT Warps Onto Android

Move over Switch+, indie developer Julien Noel’s high octane endless racing game Racer XT is here and has rocketed ahead as the best Wipeout style runner on Android. A mobile gaming industry veteran that has worked on numerous high profile Android games such as Gangstar Rio and GT Racing, Julien has brought his unique sense of style to Racer XT with gorgeous high definition visuals and fast paced gameplay that will have you flying by the seat of your pants.

Inspired by the classic racing game Wipeout, Racer XT is a beautiful and addicting homage to the all but forgotten series that isn’t afraid to take the genre in a bold new direction. As a fearless daredevil pilot in the far off future, players will fly their hover ship through a high speed track filled with all sorts of dangerous barriers and traps in order to win an exorbitant amount of prize money. Unfortunately for you, they never told you the track doesn’t have an end!

racerxtlogo3 racerxtlogo2

Racer XT has been designed to continuously push players with an ever expanding set of goals and upgrades that each have the potential to fundamentally change gameplay. As more records are broken and more cash is picked up players will be able to customize their ship with flashy designs, better specs, and crazy new power ups. Combine all that with procedure-ally generated levels that ensure no two races are ever the same and you’ve got the formula for what is sure to be an underground hit.


Gorgeous, nostalgic, and addicting to no end, Racer XT is without a doubt one of the best runners on Android. It’s available now for free on Google Play.


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