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Snowfilled Tower Defense Yeti On Furry Rolls Onto Google Play

AMA Mobile, the makers of the hugely popular 3D tower defense game Hills of Glory 3D have just unleashed their newest surefire hit onto Google Play; Yeti on Furry. Yeti on Furry is a 3D tower defense as well, but it is a completely different game than it’s predecessor.

Yeti on Furry puts you in furry shoes of a huge Yeti that is trying to defend his mountain from a relentless onslaught of climbers. These climbers have a variety different abilities to help them get to the top of the mountain, including better armor, increased climbing speed, and even the ability to teleport. Luckily you have some powerful skills that will help you get rid of these pesky guys. You will roll oversized snowballs down the hill, blast climbers with powerful gusts of wind, and even call down freezing rain from the skies. So don’t worry, you’re going to be well equipped to defend your mountain from these little climbing rats.


  • 3D cartoon graphics.
  • 100 missions with increasing degrees of difficulty.
  • Fight with 4 powers, each with 6 upgrade levels: snow, fire, electricity and the fearsome offbeat upgrade.
  • Unleash 3 incredible super powers: the gigantic sneeze, the triangle concert and the fist of vengeance, which will clear the map of all the vermin at the crucial moment.
  • Get 4 types of bonus, boosts and daily rewards for yet more fury and to retrieve the Yeti’s undies.
  • Unlock 12 achievements and prove to your friends that you are the terror of the Himalayas by dominating the ranking.


The developers of Yeti on Furry were nice enough to let me try out their game before its release and have been very pleasantly surprised by how much fun this game really is. You start off the game as a weak yeti yeti with fairly mundane attacks, but after accumulating some gold you will be able to purchase a variety of upgrades from the in-game story. Upgrade your giant snowball into a super-sized lava ball instead, or swap your ice rain in for the much more deadly fire rain. Each upgrade brings you one step closer to becoming the most powerful abominable snowman… err… yeti that has ever lived.

Yeti on Furry is free download on Google Play.


Developer Website: AMA Studios

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