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Running-Basher Smash’n’Bash Sprints Onto Google Play

In Smash’n’Bash you play as Ingvar, a powerful Viking chieftain that has just had his beloved dragon boat seized by the bank. The timing of this seizure couldn’t be worse though, as looting season is just about to start!  How’s a Viking supposed to loot and pillage if he doesn’t have access to his favorite form of transport? Luckily Ingvar still has his trusty shield and powerful hammer at his side, which will be very helpful for taking out anything that tries to get in his way of getting his ship back!

Smash’n’Bash is a ‘runner’ that adds some unique gameplay elements to the well trodden genre. Ingvar is constantly in movement, so you are going to be battling your way through your enemies, while also keeping an eye out for obstacles that get in your way. During your adventure you’re going to want to load up on loot too (you are a Viking after all), as it will be helpful for buying new upgrades for Ingvar. It’s time to lace up your running shoes, and get ready to smash and bash your way to victory!

snb1 smb2

  • Fun fantasy setting with raging Vikings
  • Intuitive gameplay and match-color battle system
  • Many upgrades with a strong influence on the dynamics of the game
  • Unique enemies on a wide variety of levels
  • Original quest system
  • Straightforward handheld controls with auto-sidescrolling


Smash’n’Bash is a unique new spin on the ‘runner’ style of gameplay that looks like a must play for fans of the genre. However, the funny storyline, gorgeous cartoon art style, and fun Viking-themed gameplay make Smash’n’Bash a game that no one should pass up. Smash’n’Bash can be yours for just $2.29 on Google Play.

*UPDATE* Smash’n’Bash has just recently become a free download on Google Play. Definitely check it out now!


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  • I just thought I’d give everyone the heads up that Smash’n’Bash just became free on Google Play last night. I gave it a download and it is surprisingly addictive! Totally worth checking out.

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