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PSN Favorite Mushroom Wars Marches Onto Google Play

One of the all-time most popular titles from Playstation’s online store has been the strategy game Mushroom Wars. Though this game has been out for quite some time on the PSN, but that doesn’t make me any less excited to see it finally available on Android. Mushroom Wars is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable strategy games to have ever been released on any system, and its easy to learn gameplay and its challenging strategy elements that will make it a blast for those new to the game or those that have played it in the past.


For those out there that haven’t heard of Mushroom Wars it is best described as a fast-paced real-time strategy game – but with a few twists that make it stand out as unique to the genre. As you’d expect you will build your army, capture strategic locations across the map, and build bigger villages to increase the size of your army. Along the way you will gain access to special buildings, such as the smithy that will improve your army’s weaponry, that add another level of challenge to the already strategic gameplay. Be careful to not make too many rash decisions while you’re playing, for each move you make may bring you one step closer to victory, or one step towards your downfall.

The Android version of Mushroom Wars contains a 32 level campaign mode for those gamers that prefer their strategy games to be a solo affair, while a well implemented online multiplayer mode has been added for those gamers that want to test their skills against gamers from around the world.


  • A campaign containing 32 maps with increasing difficulty levels
  • Simple controls and exciting gameplay
  • Many challenges for hardcore gamers
  • Varying mission types: capture, king of the hill etc.
  • Three variants of controls for more effective play
  • Supports left-handed gamers


Fans of strategy games are in for a real treat with the release of Mushroom Wars onto Google Play. This game has stood as one of the best titles available on PSN since its release in 2009, and it’s looking to achieve this same level of acclaim on Android devices. If you like strategy games Mushroom Wars is a game you definitely need to check out. Head over to Google Play and download Mushroom Wars for free right away.


Developer Website: Creative Mobile

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